The Second Great Theif

“Long ago, the Unginans emerged from their home planet of Unginan Prime, they met other races of people and when they tested their D.N.A it turned out that they were related, the first sign of it was that they could speak to one another, they were somewhat intelligible.. The ruler of the first tribe, the one that had made contact with the others, the ones from Unginan prime. He Unginaqo the first, conquered all the other tribes, and made the first empire.”

- “The epic of Unginaqo” by an unknown author at about 1000000 AE.

The small man-child walked through the deep sand dunes, he thought he saw a mountain. He was on Sol 7530-c-b better known as NuKoou, the moon of ungian prime, although that name was no longer applicable, now it was called SnuKoouoth Shin, the sandy white moon of death. The man-child thought of his parents, and his old home at SpiFaUfKaalacta, he had been expelled for both food and water stealing.

“Ah do I wish I could return, although now I search for a greater pride, Aathquina, the one eternal city, the land where there ares no water shortages and the people have their bread.” said the man child, his name was Siinfabsuuuh, he hadn’t had a last name for years, his parents had disowned him once he had expelled. He moved closer to that mountain looking wall along the horizon. Once he was within 100 meters he saw that it had not been a wall of mountains with sporadic villages, it was better, it was an aqueduct. It was the final aqueduct, the one with infinite water, the one that would lead to salvation, Aathquina. Sinfabsuuuh wished to celebrate, but he needed shelter. 200 or so meters away he saw a weigh station leading up to the aqueduct’s water tunnel. He dashed to the mighty shelter, the nightly storm was coming, he could see it, and when he arrived he saw an inscription on the door, although it had been worn down by hundreds of years worth of nightly storms. He pried the door open, it was sealed and he entered the door after little struggle. The door closed automatically behind him, and he heard the hiss of the door resealing itself. He saw a duplicate of the inscription on the other side, it said:

“O traveler prithee rest hither, thee and thy partie mayst sleepe in our beds and if thee wish thou mayst taketh a canoeth to our great citie.” Sinfabsuuuh read it outloud and into his audio journal. He slept in their cots and took some food and water. Once he had woken up he moved up the flights of stairs and saw only one last canoe. Ah how grateful I am for this greatest gift. He thought, I should give thanks to the great god, my patron god, YwAoku, in the tribe of YwAsinfauuhhg-Pifauf,. He recited the myth of the tratorus thief..

Once a thief walked to the great couple, GoAngineeuuhh and QoAungineuuhh, at a banquet. He gave them a pin and a book. In return he asked for a boon. The holy couple accepted, he asked for the filling of a sac they granted his wish, he took all of the food from the banquet, and began loading up tables, treasure, and all the other gods. The holy couple asked what they would have to give to fill the bag. He responded that he would need a treaty to free his tribe. As they couldn’t give that they asked what else they could give. He responded that they could give him the book and the pin he gave them, and a vile of each god's blood. They were desperate so they agreed, he dumped the bag and took his pin, book, and blood. They hadn’t checked the the book, it had all the world's knowledge, the pin could have killed anything in a single blow, it was destroyed, and he gave the blood to his leader, YwAsinfauuhhg, he turned the gods into lemmings for their stupidity, the theif was the lord of thieves YwAoku’”

May my lord have faith in me and give me safety for the long journey ahead of me, and may it not be in vain..” He said in prayer. He took the boat into the water and paddled off, he drifted the rest of the way. The aqueduct was a covered tunnel, the only light within it was the lamp that came with the boat, he started to write his biography. These people probably won’t speak a similar language, but maybe they could read my writing, he thought. Surrounded by nothing but darkness, he went mad, thinking that only he existed and that his god had abandoned him. It took days to get to the city, his food was almost out and he was more than just mad, he was insane. When he saw light at the end of the tunnel this brought his mind back, now he remembered what he was on this raft in the dark tunnel for. He saw thousands of metal skyscrapers and fell into the leader’s personal water hole, he saw the leader.

“Who are ye?” asked the leader

“I’m Siinfabsuuuh, the modern arbiter of YwAoku”

“I don't understand” responded the leader.

“Read this”

“Ys this a book, I've never seen oon of these bifore, nowe we use holo-books” The leader then read the highly exaggerated biography. “So ye're a water theif” said the leader after three hours of reading. “I didn't knowe that water could be stolen, here we have ynfynite water, and no oon owns it.”

“Yes but up on the surface the people are in an age of barbarism, they have none of the technology of your people, and we don’t even have enough water to have more than two children per female.

"That's not goode, we've byen told oure whole lives that the peple on the surface were as wel off as the rest of us, it's al from the oon existyng translation of the corner stone of the mayor's buildyng” proclaimed the mayor in shock, he then added one more thing “Ye can goon try to read it yf ye liketh” The two walked down the stairs to the corner stone, it read:

“Thessi borg er meant til munu nrinnýr korner stone til rebuilð okkarr gamall society ok til relit fireinn ór learning inn gamallinn empire”

He couldn’t read this inscription, and he knew even if he could, he wouldn't be able to convince the surface people. He hoped maybe someday, someone could.

“Can I join your society?” asked the man, “My god has forsaken me.” He thought of the prayer he had recited before he left. It was for nothing, he thought.

“Yes, of corse, let's start some lessons on oure language!”exclaimed the mayor in excitement, “Tell oure peple of the outside, I'm sure they wolde love to knowe! maybe we could evene help them?” said the mayor. Hope lit in Siinfabsuuuh’s eye’s. Maybe I don’t need this corner stone to convince people, he thought

“Maybe YwAoku hasn’t abandoned me yet.” he muttered under his breath.