The Great Redistributor

“Soon after the creation and fall of the Egalitarian Confederation of Unginans the people looked for a new ideology. The reasons they looked for such a Ideology are not directly known. Scholars of both us, the Iqu, and the Unginans. The reasons they have thought up include, the Ideology of the second great thief was, originally, to take from the rich and give those things taken from the rich to the poor, Much like Robin Hood, that old folk hero from the human kingdom of ‘England’, but it had now become take from the poor and give to the rich.”

  • Shathka the final one, from “The History And Oral Traditions of My Peers The Unginans. And Commentary on Those Histories and Oral Traditions” Chapter 1 “The Introduction”

He walked through the temple of the second great thief, and read the mythology built around him.

And this man though Did this leader really intend for his name ti be used as it was? I would doubt, I will put his Ideals back on track. He exected the church and entered the chaos. The Egalitarian Confederation of Unginans had fallen not but 10 years earlier. As he left he took the book he had been reading, along with all the other books he could grab. As he knew someone would burn such a thing. But he had been lucky, this last church was in the center of the desert that the second great thief had shown his way to the people of Aathquina. He moved to the speeder he brought with him. He mounted the speeder and drove it to his base.

“Hey!” he said into a microphone.

“Ya, did you get those books?” asked a femenen voice from the other side of a communication device.

“I did, oh by the way how far away is the crowd?”

“10km, good thing you got those books!”

“How’s our tribe’s leader? Can I guess, good, a little fat and imperialist but still alive.”

“Ya. How’s your redistribution plan going?”

“Perfect, I think I’ll go and do it as soon as I see his big fat face.”

“Can I join?”

“The more the merrier”

“Aashiiaath will sing of this day.”

“She will sing indeed. Ether ballads of us, or songs of tyranny.” said the man “Now could you open the entrance?’

“Sure, I’ll grab our spears and weapons and I will call the troops.”

“Thanks, but I’d prefer if you didn’t summon the troops”

“Enh, I’m calling them anyway.” said the lady. He then moved his speeder into the garage of the rock that they called home. Before he closed the door he looked to the horizon and saw both a storm, and one of the few portions of the old aqueduct that fed Aathquina. Then he closed the door. He met up with the lady and the troops in one of the halls and they moved to the palace room. The door flug down and a myriad of troops ran through the now open gates. They were met with fierce resistance from the royal guards. Many a good man and hero were sent to YwAsinfauuhh in this battle. But the people eventually made it to the throne room. Here they found the fat chief. He was sitting and stuffing his face in a sound proof room. The man took out his bronze dagger and said

“The Assembly sends its regards!” then he stabbed him. After the sack of the room the many riches of the chief were given to the people. They were all given an equal share of the riches.