Reforming The Ideals Of the Great Thief

“There have been tons of revolutions and protests in the Kites’ millenia long history. The first was the one against the first Unginan empire. The first one we have major first hand accounts of is The Serfs Revolt, lead against the state that grew from Aathquin. It started with small villages on the fringes of the confederation, as they had turned imperial, much like the Romans or ancient Athenians of the descendants of H.Unginaqo, the ones stranded on the third planet of sol one, the one known by its natives as Earth. As the old Kite confederation crumbled and fell into a three hundred year dark age, before the revitalization of the mythical morals of the second great thief, as he had been mythologized by the Kites over the centuries.”

-Iquutho the Racist “The History Of Those Savages The Kites, Also Known As The Unginans, Whom We Are At War With, And Their Myths”

Many people have signs in their hands. They were chanting something along the lines of

“You people have lost the heavenly mandate.” The assortment of governors and senators spat in front of the group of protestors and stared down at them from thor higher vantage points, as these were some of the relatives of the original H. Unginaqo from the third planet from the 7350 solar system, this planet had unusually low gravity, over the course of the 100’s of thousands over years where they were separated they had grown taller and their bones were depleted and made more fragile. As they stared down at the people, the starving people, they thought. How deformed, they may be of the same subspecies as us, from the same planet, but they’re short, and are super lazy, they must be, they’re only short because they have never had to go and pick their own food from the trees. Thought a major governor of this region, one of the old nations of the planet.

“You poor people, behold your Governor, here in the flesh, I ha-”

He was cut off by the chants of

“You people have lost the heavenly mandate” but these chants were quickly changed to the political slogan of a rebel by the name of “Ajthoun'' his chant went as followed, “The Three Clans have moved their faith from the first confederation to the Thuungineyy, us the common people, through me. We will overthrow the government of Aathquina and after that I’ll reform the ideas of our second great thief!” But those chants and recitings of Ajthoun’s promises were silenced quickly with the secret police’s Canons, that was edited out of the form for the televisions ``have come to show you the way to food!” said the governor “simply you must work, my government will reallocate funds to employ the masses to work in our mining industry and on our infrastructure” By the time he had finished his speech, the outrage had started. The bolder was rolling, and no one would stop it.

“Most empires have an army, but our army has a state.” -Common saying during the serfs revolt.

There was a swirling crowd of serfs and others around the capital, the military culled them with cannon fire. So the next day they returned, with spears, shields, muskets, swords, and sledges. They also brought a standard, the standard of their leader, Ajthoun and his clan. This banner had a thowe olive branch crossed by a sword and with a bronze helmet in between them. The police who were now protecting the capital building saw that bronze helmet, sitting atop another helmet, a steel helmet, and that steel helmet sat atop the head of Ajthoun, he fought on the front line, with his lover Ajthoun tethoontsz hiding behind his shield with a musket. They charged in their phalanx with the two Ajthouns at their front. They took out the police camps easily and took the entrances to the capital, the people with sledges took tho the doors with hammer and chisel. The police will be here soon. We must prepare for our great defence.

“Turn your shields around, the police will be here soon!” The phalanx inverted and now the shields were forming a wall around the capitol. Then the two Ajthouns entered the, now busted, doors to the capitol building. The massive Ajthoun quickly moved through the building to the senate room, he had chains and rope. Ajthoun tethoontsz ran to the panel faster than his lover and began to open it. At that moment a messenger arrived. The messenger said while panting

“The police are here, they have bombs, and they want to end our army. We may only have 1 day to negotiate.”

“Are the tyrants we call senators cut off from the outside?” Do they know?” asked Ajthoun

“They are.” responded the messenger.

“Then we will force them to surrender.”

“If you wish” then the messenger flew off. Then he waited, and waited, and waited. He chatted with his beloved.

“Once we finish this,” said Ajthoun “you will become the right hand, the enforcer, of the new egalitarian confederation. As everyone is equal but we are more equal than others.”

“Good joke, but neither me nor you are more equal than anyone else. Also I would strongly recommend that you prepare for our diplomacy.” The door swung open and the lovers walked into the chamber, he saw the tall men in their purple. And he walked to the center. And put on a purple cloak, a right reserved for the senators. He then stated his terms.

“I want, no, we want the destruction of your government, and the command of your military.”

“Never, we cannot surrender my comrades, our military cannot be given to this lunatic, he will destroy our cast system, you will be stuck in prison.” responded the general of the military.

“In return we will give you all pardons for the treachery against the new government” \

“Our military will be here soon, we may not have guards in our chamber, or even this very building, but my military could get here in mere minutes.”

“How peculiar,” responded Ajthoun “Because they have not showed up, and my informants in the military even told me that of your one hundred legion garrason eighty of them have defected”

“Even so, we will not surrender.”

“Then you will all starve.”

“Then we will mutiny!” said one of the senators. And the others did so. The general was thrown out upon the streets. His corpse as covered in bullet holes and in stab wounds.

“We agree to all of your terms, but we wish to have an enclave on the sandy moon.” responded the president pro tempore of the senate.

“No.” responded Ajthoun simply.

“Please, please, please, please, please!” said the pro tempore as he groveled at the tall man’s feet like a child.

“No.” he said again

“Please, will give you anything.”

“I can give you the other moon, the sandy one is the home of the Second Great Thief.”

“Then we accept all terms