Foredem 1

The shiny metal of the space-boat glittered through the red sky. The metal too was red after just a while. In but a few seconds the water hissed, steam rose, and a flag blew in the created wind. A slit shaped window sat in the front of the boat shaped spaceship. It floated in the expanse of water. Then the small slit window moved up.along with the half-bow shaped roof. Then the seat inside backed up, and a red humanoid figure emerged.

He stepped up onto the deck of the space-boat. He took a deep breath, the fresh air filling his lungs, it had been a long time since he had breathed fresh air. Then he once again went into the cockpit, the roof not closing behind him. He flipped a small switch on the inside, one a hundred others. Then the space-boat began flying, just metres above the surface of the vast ocean.

A child and his father sat together on a bench facing the ocean. The scent of imported water, as Mars had little to no natural water before human terraforming, filled their lungs. Then out in the distance a cloud of steam twisted its way into the sky.

“What’s that Dad?” the child asked.

“Another customer!” responded the father.

Once the ship was only 30 metres from the dock, its bow lowered and the hull was once again floating in water. The extra momentum brought it the last few metres. The red figure once again emerged from the hull.

“Hello customer, we have dock space right here. Just 15 Ω a day.” said the father.

“Sure,” said the red figure. Then they both tied up the space-boat.

“So, what brings you to our little town?”

“I’m travelling the galaxy, and the last time I ate was three days ago. I just need supplies.”

“Oh, if it's a good meal you're after, there's a tavern down the road and to the left, it's called Martha’s, everyone goes there on nights like these. The market doesn’t open until morning, so you’ll need a place to sleep. There’s an old motel next to Martha’s.”

“Thank you kind stranger.” replied the Red entity. He then proceeded to the tavern. Its entryway was dimly lit. The light fixtures were built to resemble those of old. He sat on one of the bar stools. He leaned against the counter. A woman appeared behind the counter just seconds after he leaned against it.

“I can assume you’re Martha?” he asked

“Yes. What can I get for you sir?”

“What's the best meal you have here?”

“My personal favourite is the bacon Cheeseburger.”

“And how long does that take to make?”

“Around 5 and a half to 7 minutes.”

“I’ll have that please.”

“Any drinks?”

“Do you guys serve tea?”

“Well that's a first. Someone ordering out tea.”

“What types of tea do you have?”

“Black, peach-ginger, and green”

“I’ll have a black tea, with some cream please.”

“Sure, it should be done in 6 to 10 minutes.”

“Thanks,” he replied. From behind him there were murmurs from the other patrons.

“Is that Foredem. Legendary criminal. He who can kill in the blink of an eye. The one with the 140 000 000 Ω bounty?”

“Here’s your Burger sir, your tea will be done in a minute.” responded Martha, expecting an answer. None came, since the burger never hit the counter. Before she was done saying tea, the man had snached the burger and started stuffing it into his face like an American visiting Sweden going to McDonalds since they were scared of accidentally eating some Surströmming. The burger and accompanying fries had been eating by the time Martha returned with the tea a minute later. She noticed the missing food, but elected to make no comment on it, as to not insult the traveller.

“Uhh, Martha, can I get another burger?” asked the man

“Sure” replied Martha. The man began sipping his tea. Unbeknownst to him, more than one thing steeped. As, without his knowledge, the patrons behind him had formulated a plan to get his bounty. Martha soon returned with his meal, before leaving to attend to other patrons. Later that night, at a time comparable to 6 o’clock in the evening. (Since Mars is not earth and has a longer day it was actually 10:30 AM) The man left Martha's to get a room at the motel. The conspirators had planned on this eventuality, and also bought a room at the motel, to keep an eye on the man.

The man went to his room, locked the door, a strange thing to do on a welcoming and friendly planet such as Mars, and took a shower. The locking of the door also locked in his identity as Foredem to the conspirators. After his shower the man fell asleep.

The next morning, bright and early, the man dressed himself in his red suit, not dissimilar to ta treepiec suit you may find on Earth, but with a massive red coat over everything, ending in two long coattails that ended just mere centimetres from the ground. Then he left out the door of his motel, returned his key, and left for the market. He had no difficulty getting there. He purchased supplies, more food, water, anda new microwave oven since his last one had broken when he went to FTL. His path was then blocked by a younger man, about 21 years of age.

“Excuse me, I need to get to my ship, could you please move out of the way?”

“You’re not going anywhere.” said the young man. Small knife appeared from his pocket. He then made a lunging motion and stabbed the older man. A pistol appeared from behind the older man’s coat. He shot the young man in the liver, incapacitating him. The older man then took refuge behind the pillar of a nearby building. Gunshots rang out from the roofs of buildings, then rickoshate noises from the pillar. He turned out from behind the piller, losing shot after shot from his small automatic pistol. Each found their mark, incapacitating most of the conspirators.

One man emerged from the crowd of scared citizens. He held a dagger in his hand. He attempted to jab the older man in the gut. His blade was met by another. The silver swords met in combat, nether outating the other. Then the older man switched his blade from his left hand to his right, without the other man noticing. The other man dashed at him, the older man half blocked with his blade. Simultaneously he upholstered a gun from his left holster, cocking it, and firing it at his assailant. The viscera and blood of the man dug holes in the sandy street. Shards of his bone stuck themselves in the buildings behind him.

The older man then grabbed his groceries, paid for his ship’s parking, and left.