The Reformers

“Rise up Comrades, rise up, today we throw off our chains and destroy the religion of Justin the wrong. Today we will make his wealth and the wealth of the priests ours!” - Battle Cry of the Reformers, 1BL.

He rewatched the television in horror, he was on earth, and had, at one point, followed the religion of Justin the prophet. But now he was part of the Questioners.

‘He’s left us, what is is plan?”He asked

“Is he moving to another system. Is he trying to convert the Europans?”

“We haven't even translated their language, he literally couldn’t.”

“I he isn’t doing that, then is he running?”

“Why would he? He’s surrounded by fintical followers of his religion.”

“There are Reformers about. They want to decentralize his religion and reform the economy.”

“Although I still love Shiatano, I do not believe in Justin's orthodox.” He said as he walked outside the room and onto the street. He saw the crowd of the riot. He would be scared for his windows, but he had installed steel shutters for both the door and his windows. He walked into his favorite shop, and saw the storekeeper, holding a shotgun. He pulled out his wallet;

“Hey, I’m just here to buy some bread, a copy of Dune, a printer that can scan, and a hard drive.”

“Oh, ok here you go.” He said as he grasped the items from the counter.

“Thanks, here’s your money.” The man said as he handed his cash to the storekeeper. He tyhen walked out the door, and back to his house as he walked through the crumbling streets. The next months will be shit. He thought to himself.