The Arrowheads

The Geans had few things that the Rsso (True humans are often called the Rsso) didn’t already have. One of these few things was journals, the journals, the records of the last days on old earth, along with the final novels of Europe, America of Asia. The mindset of the last Earthling, from before the change to Gaea.”

- -From “A History of The Religions of The Milky Way” by the philosopher historian Quakaqi

He sat there, watching the video of the surgeon implanting the metal root into his steel spine, then adding the plastic sheet onto his flesh to protect from the meatal, as the surgeon was doing this blood was gushing out of his body. The surgeon then added the meatal docking rack for the cybernetic itself. He then added the arm, the titanium muscled arm. Kndair stared at this arm, Ancient Rsso clan designs carved into it by plasma, the prophesy of the Rsso, no, his prophecy, the one that predicted his birth along with the rest of his life, even up to when he would die, not die but lose his humanity, by killing the Gean leader, and along with their dictator their whole culture. He stood up his arm, feeling heavy, he moved to the center of the room entering the airlock, the light hiss of the sealing of the door giving him the slightest headache. He moved through the dark industrial hallway to his personal quarters in which he found a small sack he noticed had been on the corpse when they had fought, stains of blood were dotted all over the bag. Elasq must have brought it hear for me, I’ll have to thank her next time I see her. He opened the bag, and in it he saw a rare sight, many real paper books. He must’ve been there keeper of the word. He saw a red book with the numbers “451” in the, now unused, Arabic numeral system. He saw another book, its shiny obsidian cover feeling cold in his hands, he could tell this was there bible.

“Sir,” said a voice from behind him.

“You needn’t call me sir Nuoco, you are my comrade.”

“Ok, sir, and I think you missed someone.”

“Hello, Comrade Kndair” said a rough voice. Is it Vinkel? Thought Kndair

“Ah hey Vink, I haven’t seen you in a week, and that’s a long time for us to have not seen one of our brothers.” Said Kndair.

“well as you know I was going back to visit, his, grave. But then the new blitzkrieg happened, I was called to command your fleet.” said Vinkel

“Our fleet, not just mine, ours.” said Kndair

“No, yours you control the flagship, sir” said Nuoco

“Anyway, I had to try to fend of the pretender’s assault on the capital, I culled their original assault ships,” said Vinkel

“then why were they able to land?” asked Kndair

“I’m getting there, I couldn’t stop their stolen longships, they then landed and you know the rest, before you ask, I didn’t pursue them because I thought that they were your average Gean raid, then their colony ships arrived at that point the emperor was to evacuate to the fleet as he, the emperor entered I asked him to sent for all, starting with the lightspeed communication saying “11/11/13/5000 AC” followed by a code, much like the morse code of the ancients, this code is translatable to, “This is you eourrb, Eouiqu the 27th. I declare all ships, be them Europan or otherwise to rally if the capitol, once you do so you will be under, Royal Rsso Captain Vinkel of house Russisk.” Then he sent a recording of himself saying this same message on shuttles, then then went thought a wormhole’ said Vinkel

“Okay we get the point” said Kndair “Do you want to do, something”

“How about logspil?” asked Nuoco

“Sure” said both Kndair and Vinkel at the same time. They quickly moved through the hallways to the rotating training room. They took out the meatal sticks. Kndair’s custom stick had a hook on the end of it. They mounted the floating platforms standing opposite of each other. They dashed forward becoming smears of color to the untrained eye. Kndair’s deep blows being shockingly hard to block for the seasoned hand to hand fighters being Nuoco and Vinkel. They moved to counterattack even though Kndair had his back to them Nuoco caught himself from attacking. Vinkel though couldn’t do this. He swung at his back, Kndair moved upward with an uncanny speed, doing a backflip in midair, hitting Vinkel in the back with all his near infinite rage, the rage of losing for the second time. Vinkel dashed away. They fought, Nuoco fell losing.

“Your rage is your only power” said Vinkel “your technique is poor.” Rage flew through Kndair his eyes turning a glowing red. No words discharged from his mouth, but you could practically see it radiating off him. His black sword of impure Schwert des Titanous, with deep lava red kintsugi veins of pure Schwert (people commonly forgo the des Titanous part of the Schwert des Titanous name) He flew back, the meatal log drifting back with the force he had impacted it with. Vinkel moved bracing for a powerful attack. Kndair moved his kawwaku to his left hand. He dashed forward a loud sound echoed thought the chamber. His left fleshy hand moving the kawwaku at the speed double that of sound. The sound of glass shattering, not the sound of his black kintsugi kawwaku, but the sound of Vinkel’s white kawwaku. Vinkel flew back, he would seem dead to those who were not his brothers of the catch, Nuoco, and Kndair. Kndair stood, I am your leader, your eldest brother.

“Will you bow, Nuoco?” asked Kndair

“Yes, I already do.” answered Nuoco

He went to his brother of the catch, Vinkel, Is he in stasis? He must be. He will agree to serve me.

“He is in stasis; he will be fine.” said Kndair

“Of course, I know that, I too am your brother.” Said Nuoco “He will, but likely not without resistance. He is the other half of your coin.”

“I doubt that, my comrade” responded Kndair. He hoisted Vinkel onto his shoulders carrying his brother to the rehabilitation zone, put into a meditative pose.

“He will be fine.” Said Kndair

“Indeed” said Kndair “I will watch him, ask him for his allegiance.”

“I must return to my chamber, I must meditate on some ruling matters, the emperor will ether move to Novae Terrae or your capital, Yaxica prime, the Reichstag will most certainly follow him, I may be able to influence this.” stated Kndair. “I must also consult with my prophecy, and also the history of my profit”

“I won’t disturb you.” said Nuoco

“No, you can if you wish.” said Kndair