Rust Red Banner

As old Earth crumbled into magma and obsidian Humanity nearly went extinct living only in small pockets of crust. Their type. 8 civilization ended by a Phobos sized object of pure osmium. The crust had entirely melted. As this happened the Gaeans later humans completely militarized they invaded Venus and the Moon, when they invaded Mars, they came in contact with Europan type 3 civilization.”

-From “The History of The Milky Way” By the Philosopher Historian Quakaqi

She sat there hearing the artillery shots from the Gaean Ships soon the colony ships would arrive but so would the QunoQuitan ships. She looked through the hexagonal window. Caching a glimpse of the heat radiating off the smoke from the smashed rusting buildings. Her cupboards were empty. Elasq needed nutrient goo and givun fruit those were her rations. Elasq swam through the short hallway to the hexagonal prism of an elevator where she met up with a Yaxican named Ghlawg. The boiling water being comfortable for the silicon-based life forms. As they swam to the ration center they saw a considerable amount of debris the water went cold with the fear of the potential occupation. It appeared as if there would be a europan rebellion in the occupied cities.

“Will we be occupied?” Asked Elasq in Europan “Could the most powerful civilization lose it’s capital to these uncultured savages? Could a civilization who conquered a whole galaxy and beyond fall to these featherless bipeds? Could we become Byzantine?” Queried Elasq.

“No” stated Ghlawg by changing the heat radiating off his skin “The Gaeans can't invade the real capital under the ice even their best submarines can’t handle that much water pressure, even if they did resistance would be almost guaranteed. The Europans are a proud people they would most assuredly revolt to restate the rust red banner over the moon.” they were halfway to the market when BANG a small breach in the covering of ice had opened next to the above ice line-rust cites. After the small amount of shock that the Gaeans had the power to break the ice they continued. They reached the Ration senator just at Jupiterise.

“Hello, may you show me your ration cards?” Asked the ration master

“Here” said Elasq

“Why do you have two?” Asked the Ration Master

“That’s mine” Elasq said gesturing to one of them “and that’s my friends.” She said pointing at the other one with one of her tentacles.

“Seems a little suspicious but I trust you not the Yiqi”(a spiciest term that means Yaxican) “But you, hear you go.” He handed her the Nutrient Goo and the Fruit

“Thanks” Said Elasq reluctantly. She didn't mean it, she had been spiciest, now she condemns such hate about such a trivial thing as species. As they traveled back a wrong turn went unnoticed and instead of the apartment it was the trench line of water, ice, and blood between the occupied zone of the Gaeans and the Europans.

“We should be there by no-‘ as she was saying that a Gaean hover tank burst though the wall. After the few seconds of shock at the glistening black and white with the glowing blue strips of lights, and the long turret on top with the smaller guns on the side, the turret that spewed death, in the form of gamma rays. They where almost in awe of the island of despair and death floating there above the water’s surface. They would have tried to swim away, but the tank would have been too fast. They thought to dive deep that could work if Elasq was on her own, her species were evolved for under water but Ghlawg was Yaxican, the Yaxicans evolved on a planet with no atmosphere so could handle a little amount of pressure but no a ton, they would be captured all they could do was swim and hope they could make it to the Europan forces. She was prepared to sacrifice Ghlawg, but they had lured the cyber tank too far into the Europan side so far that the Europans thought it was an attack, troops were deployed. Elasq and Ghlawg would make it back to their apartment, albeit quite tired. Europa would change hands multiple times between the cold metallic grasp of the Gaeans and the warm embrace of the rust red banner. Eventually, after much blood shed, ending under the rust red banner.