Blood Red

“There had always been raiders and pirates, at least before the end. One of the most well known had been the human and true human ‘Vikingr’. The old Scandinavian Raiders from before the great burn, and the modern true human raiders”- From “The True Human History” by Quakaqi

He sat there the damp ice surrounding him, he sat there remembering. Remembering the history of his people the Rsso clan descendants of the great Hero Justin the 1st, who himself was descendant of Ross-shire. His earned name was kndair, the angel of death, his first name was Gorm, although he was only called this by the people of his clan, he was a direct descendant of Justin The True. The raid… The raid was awful. He had disembarked from the ship into the infinite void, the vacuum, using the rocket pack on his back he glided himself to the ship after the E.M.P blast but a stray piece of micro debris had ignited the fuel in the pack. The explosion burnt his lungs to a crisp. He would have died but a friend, nay, a hero had returned him to the ship. He was stuck in a coma, cryogenically frozen. They had transplanted a ventilator where his lungs had been and an O2 absorber, with a shiny black Oxygen synthesizer Blotting his mouth shut. Then suddenly Bang! A shell had hit the outside of the tunnel. They must have captured the artillery, which means they’re just one kilometer away from us, the last line of defense.

“Sir, the Pretenders are within two hundred meters and closing” Shrilled his second officer, captain Nuoco of the royal house of Yaxican prime. “I have told our troops to begin firing”

“Good” Said Kndair “Let us head to the command center” As they walked to the Command Center the sound of artillery and the orderly rime of steel on ice grew in volume. He would try to drown out the cries of pain from his head. BANG an artillery shell had pierced the ice surrounding the tunnel, smoke poured into the tunnel. Once the smoke had cleared he saw thought the whole and thin ice surrounding it, the battle field. The sheet of ice and snow stained Blood Red. The endless waves of Geans causing a sea of black. Only seconds after the smoke cleared waves of plasma blots came pouring in through the whole. So, both Kndair and Nuoco dug holes through the ice with their melee weapons, Kndair’s axe and Nuoco’s knife. He would slowly dig away at the ice.

“Nuoco, once you get through the ice slide into the trench” said Kndair

“Yes sir”

With a small hit with the back of the axe, it had started to crack, it started a chain reaction he walked through the whole. Then slid down the slope to the trench in the ice. He turned his head back to look at the slope to see Nuoco sliding down.

“Don’t stop shooti- Sir” said a soldier as he turned to salute “We can guide you back to your quarters, Sir”

“No thank you, I’ll be fine on my own” said Kndair as he turned to his right to walk back to the tunnel.

“They’re Human” howled a combatant as he ran out of the trench “Hold your fire! Stop shooting” he tried to pull of the helmet of one of the Geans, it was sealed on, or was it just their head.

“Sir shall we stop him?” said Nuoco, just having hit the mat on the bottom of the trench.

“Disgusting, a traitor. Troops do what you wish, to this disgusting fallen man.” demanded Kndair

“Traitor!” Rang out from the trench.

“Traitor.” Said a feminine voice in the europan language Iqu and a Masculine voice speaking the Yaxican language. But despite the cheers of traitor no one dared to shoot they were unwilling to kill their own. Then from the place that those voices speaking the other languages Iqu, and Yaxican, came two balls of plasma striking the back of the conspirator. Kndair turned to face that western side of the trench walking to the troopers who had fired the shots when he reached the privates they turned to them one Iqu, Iqu can be the europan language and europans themselves, and the other a Yaxi.

“May I see you both in my office” said Kndair. Once the reached the office he asked, “Troopers what are your names?”

Elasq and Ghlawg.” Said the Iqu trying her best to slap together a sentence in the true human dialect.