Ani Odesisu

“The unginan peoples of the desert moon of Nova Terare had a unique fighting style, one birthed of necessity. This style, Ontho, was birthed by the need to fight with the great predators of this ball of sand. It has been proved that only twenty of their men could wipe out a legion of our troops. I believe that when war with these heretics, the Geans, we will have to use these people. That war will come when our second prophet comes, when great Kndair will be birthed.”

-Final words of the Unifyer

A young prophesied prophet walked out of his palace with his friend, and walked onto a balcony that overlooked his capital city. A blob moved up to the balcony and formed itself into a human form. They talked to each other about the mission to come.

“How do you believe the Unginan’s will react?” asked the friend of the Prophet

“Vinkel, do not fear. I may not be the god incarnate of their pagan religion, but we have our neutron bombs.” responded the prophet

“May I ask propet Kndair, Why not our plasma guns?” asked an advisor who had been lisinging from just off the balcony.

“We wish not to destroy their planet. Plus the deadly fallout of the bombs would exterminate them.” Responded Kndair. Then the blob chimed in;

“We should study their culture.”

“No, they do not bend to the true god Shaitano’s will.” responded Kndair, as he moved to bed with his wife. On his way out he drew his sword, decapitating the advisor who had interrupted his conversation.

He talked to his advisors, they had chosen two gifts for the unginan people. A copy of the Besitilu, the religious book of Justinineism, and a person trained to record their oral mythology and oral history

“The Besitilu, is to be given at the start of the meeting, the Recorder, is to be given the savages the end” said one of Kndair’s advisors. Kndair wasn’t really there, he only was interested in these savages as solders. Their culture was, of no interest to him, as they did not believe in the god both him and his greatest ancestor, Justinian the true, were prophets of. And this fact, the fact that his ancestor had prophicid him as punisher to the heretics know as Geans, made him wish only death on perceived Heretics.

“Hethene” said Kndair in response to his advisor “ you sound odd, Heretical even. It appears to me that you want me to learn their greetings. And therefore stray form the path of Shiatano. I sentence you, for your heracy, to death by burning at the steak.”

“I accept my punishment Kndair” responded the Advisor on great fear, but with a sense of ferver “ and may I join our great lord Shiatano in his haven on old Earth.”

At diner that night Kndair sat, with his friends and family, they spoke of the meeting that would take place the next day. And when the food finally came, served, not by a server, but by the chef himself. Kndair took one bite and spoke

“What meal do you give us here? You clearly put Guiven fruit actract in this. Do you want to kill your prophet and his family?”

“No sir, it was nearly called for in the recipe.”

“And did you not consider who made that recipe? It could have been a Gean spy! You are clearly trying to end our religion, I sentence you to death by burning at the steak for sympathising with heretics.”

“But, I’ve loyally served your family for decades!”

“Do you accept your punishment?”

“Yes great lord Kndair, may I join the lord Shiatano in his haven on old earth.” Said the cook, but his voice sounded disillusioned with this leader he had served. Kndair and his many guests returned to their conversations. But KNdair thought to himself, Shame really, his food was delicious, but he must have simpethised with the propecide enemies.

As the Ane Lanesikibe landed in front of him, the boat shaped shadow cast upon the landing bay bathed Kndair and the diplomats in shade.

“See you soon!” shouted Kndair’s wife from the door to the bay.

“We will, hopefully we don’t have to spend more than a day with these savages.” responded Kndair. He thought Finally some time away from the prophecies and bureaucratic processes of Nova Terera.

And his wife, too, was excited. I sometimes wonder what caused all of Justin’s prophecies to come true, seeing as he lived a thousand years ago? How did he guess that my father would betroth me to Kndair? Well, he was the prophet of Saihatano.

And as the ship flew off, Kndair moved to his quarters and read yesterday’s prophecy. Ahh do I wish that he hadn’t created that damn rule, do I wish I could look at today’s prophecy.

They sat in a small hut, the walls were grainy. The savages were hosting.

“Baagiin” said the man across the table from him “Ne, Uunginack, Sinfa baguh Anthesīn, onshī'e kaginke Ke” A robot, built to translate, translated for him

“Hello” said a metallic voice out of the robot “I, Uunginack, gift to you a knife crafted by the Divine Forger, Anthesīn.” This man seems weak, like his fate has already been sung by Aashīāth thought the leader of the Unginans.

“How nice, you can craft, I, the prophesied leader, give you savages a copy of the truth, the Besitilu. So you savages can join our society.” Said Kndair, He didn’t know how rude he had just been. The translator translated such to the Unginan.

“Ke Unty-tne onunte?” asked Uunginack


“He asks; Do you speak the language of his people, Unty-tne” Said the translator

“Why would I? I don’t need to know the language of you savages. I only speak Iqu, Rsso, and the language of the only true prophet, Dansk. Taler du Dansk? Iqu qui iqa?” said Kndair, with a condescending tone

The machine tried to translate the first part, but was waved to skip by the Unginan leader. I understand what he said, at least the first point. His tone alone tells me this man forgets he is on my soil. I could bring the Asnuth up from the deep to kill him. But we’d be genocided.. The machine took a second to think, then spat out;

“Ke kuhginke Dansk onunte? Ke Ikuubeuhh Onunte?”


“No” said the translator

“Fine, you savage” said Kndair

“Ke Sinu’uh Yuh” repeated the robot

` In the name of Justine, why did it translate that, I would kill it if it were alive. I was merely saying that under my breath. We aren't going to get anywhere. Thought Kndair.

“Kopifu Onbagine, Shii’onbagin. Nee Sinungi Ungine’uu Ke onshii’e.”

“This meeting is over. As a parting gift, we give you a squad of Unginan Guards.”

“But we have not discussed you’re men joining our military?” Said Kndair. His anger boiled and he shouted; “So it is, as a parting gift we give you a recorder, to coolest you savage culture!” and he stormed out before even hearing the translator bot start. And he boarded his ship.

On the ship he discussed this with his advisor.

“Great job Kndair. Did you figure our manpower issue out with them?” said his advisor

“No, those savages simply ended the meeting after I said the truth.” respond Kndair

“Which truth?”

“One of their savagery.”

“I say that we set a new meeting, and that we learn of their culture.”

“If I choose to, that might shake belief in the god Shiatano”

“How about we take your new Varangian Guard to the home of their culture.” \

“You heretic! I sentence you to burn at the steak for heresy.”

“I Accept my punishment” said the advisor.

Later, before even he spoke to his wife or friends, he made a PSA

“As a gift to my new garde, we will go to the center of the galaxy and visit the planet of Ungine prime. I will take the crew of my Ane Lanesikibe, along with my Guards, Nuoco, and Vinkle. We will go tomorrow Morning. I wish I didn’t have to, but, if it has been prophesied, then it will be blessed. And he went to sleep.