The Traveller

Midway upon my life’s journey

I found myself in a pub in south london

And ordered a drink

I sat myself near a man

Who seemed as though he had a

Story to tell

And I asked the man

“Oh great fellow

May you tell me of your life”

And the man heard me and said

“I wasn't born here

Not this nation, not this planet

I was born on a beautiful planet

But soon after I became an adult

My fellows became rocks.

So I travelled

To many a place

And began my exile

I went to

Omicron Persei 8

But they only wished to flay my skin

Before I went to the former Usa

One in twelve districts

But I had to fight in a battle royal

Then I entered

The Matrix

And dogged many A bullet

I saw a world destroyed

To make way for a intergalactic highway

And never did I panic during

I blew up

A Star of death

With my mind

I joined the Atrides

And battled their enemies

On that desert planet

I saw that man die

And joined his second son

The old God Emperor

And I saw that couple

Cleaning their House

With Magnetic Dust

And i saw the world city

One stacked one hundred levels deep

I liked it more than then the many I would see later

I joined those

Who left the world city

And wrote an encyclopedia

I saw a

Brave New World

That worshiped Ford

I went to the first creation of robots

And saw them concur humanity

And watched the Alquist hand the torch

And saw the

Royas of Mars

Killing each other with swords

I saw

Some of the first manmade gods

Those of Pegana

Next I saw those

Dammable martians

In their tripods

I saw a man

Split in twain

By a chemical

I saw a man

Named Nemo

Leagues under the sea

I watched as a cannon

Luched men

From Earth to the Moon

I saw cuba. A state

And the great

Slave insurrection that insured

I saw a Communist utopia

Of frenchmen

And how it influenced Marx

I viewed the first utopia

Of Three hundred Years

And the man who awoke in it

I saw the post apocalypse

Caused by a disease

And how europe fell

I saw moon people

And Sun people

Battling over the Morning Stat

But the first one I came upon

Was my favorite

And the one that scared me to my core

The creation of live

By a mad scientist

And how he used the Modern Prometheus”

Said the man

I a sat in utter aw

At the beauty of what i had heard

I how I wished

But to have more

And how I could contribute to this tapestry of story