Part 3

At the time we

Had arranged

We met at the pub

The Traveller

Got this Immortal a

Soap Box

The half-blind

Immortal staggered up

With a tall glass of Ale

“Where last we left

I had been Pope

Though I didn’t die

I faked a Death

After this, I retired

To my favorite place

The kingdom of Grom

And his Descendants

Here I became a

Noble of high Rank

For I knew Grom

And here I lived

Until the year

1042, when I went

To Normandy

I went to England

Where I fought

With the Anglo-Saxons

At hastings

I lived among

Those english Nobles

But after this,

I wished to return Home

Back to Denmark

So I sailed there

In my vintage Longship

There I reprised my role

As the lord of Sjælland

Here I rased a fleet

And crusaded in Finland

We then returned

With many treasures

And many less Bibles

At this point,

I missed my old home

And headed Southward once again.

I passed Rome

But I wish not stay, for I was

Still Pagan, and Rome

Was in the states I had

Once controlled

When I had been Pope

I cloud not bare,

The destruction of the temples

That had granted Pax Deorum

So I travelled east once again

To the City of Constantine

I saw the walls

And the Hagia Sophia

And the other Great sights

I wished to travel

Into the old city of Ur

But it had come to the control

Of the Muslims

And they forbade all


From entering their realm

So I retreated Northward

As I came up the Volga

I rediscovered Christ

Changing to Orthodoxy

But before

I wrote my thoughts in a journal

And hid it in the

Floorboards of the

Hagia Sophia

I passed through Italy

Before I would leave the Mediterranean

And I chatted with

Dante Alighieri

And read his draft

Of his tour

Then I passed once again

Through Constantinople

And up the Danube

Where I came upon Vienna

The seat of the Austrians

And I met the Emperor

When I met him, He was


An inbread, weak, dumb man

So I continued my journey

And I came to the end of the

Danube, almost to the Rine

Changing the River

To go downstream with the


Until I reached

The city of Amsterdam

Where I stayed for


Until I wished

To go home to Denmark

So I did

I choose to go by foot

With a Detour to Prussia’s

Capital, Berlin

On my way I saw a man

Know as Martin Luther

Nail a Paper

Known as the 95 Theses

To a Church Door

And he started the


Wich I joined

We copied the

Bible and gave it

To the people

Then I brought it north

To Denmark

And Changed the King’s faith

We then joined the

Thirty Years War

With the great Battles

And rivers of blood

For many saw four great Horsemen

One of Conquest

One of War

One of Famine

And one of Death

After the Famine

I fled to the west

To what Had been known as


By my friends

Six hundred years ago

I travelled to the Thirteen Colonies

And Settled there for

Seventy Years

Before they revolted

And I fled back to Europe

Back to Denmark

Just in time to go on

Vacation to France

In a time of revolt

I fled Robespierre

Through the Holy Roman Empire

In its last days

Back to Schleswig

Back to Denmark

I became a Noble once again

But I witnessed Napoleon

Blockade Britain

And the British Attacking Copenhagen

I was at Waterloo when he was defeated

And sent to St. Helena

For the rest of his days

Then my home was at piece

I was nobility

For nearly one hundred years

Until a Duke and his Lady were shot

In an open topped car

In Sarajevo

The Killer, Gavrilo Princip

The Duke, Archduke Franz Ferdinand

And the driver of the Car, Me

I, and my country

Stayed neutral

And traded with both sides

Germany lost

And went to the extreme

And invaded Poland

They than Invaded Many other countries

Including Denmark

So I fled to this land

Waited put the war

Seeing as I was to old

By four thousand years

I returned home

After the war,

And had many vacations since.

I have few opinions on the modern

Conflict, I’ve seen great democracies

But I was pen-pals with Marx

I see the good,

And the bad

But I do have a warning

I’ve seen my share of Empires falling

Much like their enemy the Soviets

The United States

Will fall,

And new states will


My guess is

That Denmark

Will rise

Same with most of Europe.

China has experience with falling

They will survive

Terrorism will rock

The united states

Until it falls

Many monuments

Will fall

But new ones will rise.

But now

I welcome, a new millenia

In my life!”

And the pub gave him a round

Of applause, free drinks

Were given to all

And we sat in shock

Shock of the last warning he had given

To all of them

And we sat in aw of

The story we had just been told

But I was Writing it down.