Part 2

Midway upon my life’s journey

I found myself in an Pub

To follow a friend’s plot once again

As me and him

Met at a bench

The barkeep strolled up to us

Although we saw nothing of him

For instead we came upon

Those of earth, and not of her nations

Sitting next to us

But at this point

My guide, the one of man lives

Was Eager

To tell this story

So he began

“Last we left

My good man

I had travelled to Hyperborea

Although, I missed something yesterday

A Question

That I’ve been asking myself for millenia

Could the Republic

Founded by Collatinus

Survived into the first millenia

But now I should say

I see strings between the republic of Rome

And the Republic of America

For they both

Have an empire

But no Emperor

I encountered those

Primitive peoples

Of the ship

I saw their pantheon

Although it was wrong

But I saw why they believed

In Vingthor of lightning

Woden of the ravens

And Tiw of war”

At these words

I saw the one of ridiculous stories

Become interested

My companion continued

“I saw Aurelian

Quell the palmyrene

And the Gallic empires

I was with Diocletian

When he quieted the West

With a Tetrarchy

I saw great

Constantine create

A city of Byzantine books

One that would preserve

The myth of the battles

Waged in the country of Piram

And may of the

Other histories

Of men and war

And I viewed that same

Soul Codify belief in Christ

Throughout his empire

But the west would fall

To those barbarians

The Galls and Germans

Those Vandals

Sacked The city of Romulus

But they wouldn’t keep it

The Ostrogoths

Captured Rome

And they kept it

And once the west fell,

A swine herd,

Became emperor Justin

But his niece

Justinian controlled

His uncles policy

Justinian married an

Actress named Theodora

And they ruled beautifuly

Justinian sent


A great general

To reconquer the West

And he was successful

In sizing Rome

Amd he reformed the

Tax code

And the people were prosperous

Then I travelled

North to

The land of Denmark

I worked on the first Longship

And helped raid

Lindisfarne abbey

I was the man

Who composed the epic of Beowulf

Though I didn’t want to attach my name

Then I sailed east

And I was made king

Of the Rus

Those men along the Dnieper

My subjects

Created Rusland

And once I had lived one

Lifetime as a king

I went south

To Miklagard

That city of Constantine

And traded with the merchants

I also was among the Varangian Guard

To the Emperor of the East

For Three lifetimes

After this, for the first time in my life

I travelled east, to the Tang

I helped invent Gunpowder

Then I travelled west once again

And I became Pope

Although I couldn't reinstate the old Gods

I reintroduced the Works of

Homer, Livy, and Vergil

To the west”

At this point all the people

In this Pub

Were listening Intently

As his story

Enticed people

With the truth


The Pb was Closing

But i said

“My Great Guide

Should we make this journey

Longer today

They will throw s Out

Shall we meet overmorrow

At opening time?”

The man must have

Seen the faces around him

He replied

“Yes, Overmorrow is good”

And we all left.