The God

Midway in my life’s journey

I found myself in a pub in south London

And ordered a drink

I sat myself near a man

who seemed elderly,

Nearly divine

I sat next to this man

And I said

“Oh sir, may you tell me of your life”

And he replied

“I will

I was born

Many millennia ago

When the ancient people

Tried to explain the world

My people

Began as totems

To the forces we control

And now

A few newcomers

Have overthrown us

And those overthrowers

Now are alone

As paragons

And my pantheon

Is scattered

In many pubs and taverns

But we may take

May forms

This form, is not my own

First, my people took

A form, and we helped the first hero


The First overthrower


Was born from a king

I went with my people

To the pontic steppe

Although even I can only reconstruct that time in my life

Then my people split

One in Greece, those in India

And those who moved to Fennoscandia and Germania

I first went with those to Greece

The first three things I witnessed

Invigorated me

I Flew among the Achaean host

And witnessed them fighting the

Trojan host

I saw Hector take Patroclus' life and armor

And Achilles killing him in return

And parading the body off to Piram

And I went with

Old king Piram

To get the desecrated corpse of his son

I helped my grandson


Get home to his wife

As my cousins

Saws a war

Between two dynasties

And next my People

Under a new name

Moved west to italy

With my aunts

Son who was ancestor

to those who founded Rome

And my people


Into some other gods

The Overthrowers

Stuck in balance

Of good and bad

And they raised a

Prince with snake shoulders

And imprisoned him

Then my people

Took my favorite from

Up in Northern Europe

And First we

War twitch those

Who were there first

Those known as

The Vanir

And we exchanged hostages

Those Vanir

Joined Us,

And became Æsir

And we got eight

Realms of Yggdrasil

And The Vanir

Got one realm

Their home


Next I killed

The younger brother

Of Thor, Baldr

And for that,

I was punished


Tied to a Rock

With the entails

Of one of my sons

Then a man

Whom believed in us

But was ruled by the trinity

Killed an Ogre

Named Grendle

Along with his mother

Fifty years later

He killed a dragon

And was killed in the fight

He was buried in

The treasure

Owned by that dragon

Then great


Wrote and Edda

Of my people

Before we were overthrown

Even after the trinity

While my people

Moved to the north

Allah had been born to the south

And I saw a man

Who believed in the trinity

Sentence his enemies to torment

In his Inferno

With nine circles

And his guide vergil

He cimed

Mt.Purgatory for his

Love Beatrice

And journeyed

Trough Poradisio

To see the trinity

A Book

In three rings

Each a member of trinity

The Father

The Son

And The Holy Spirit

The Book

Was surrounded

By Rainbows

Then the demon


Was reivisitioned

As, not a monster

But a Antihero

And a rebel.

Me and my people

Now search

To regain our thrones”

And I replied with

Nothing but a laugh

As i couldn’t believe

As to why people

Believe in such

A Backwards belief

In the

Twenty first