The Earth Under The Robots

Smog passed though his meatal lungs. He walked though what used to be his town, passed what used to be his work. It was a factory now and was fully efficient. They still had to obey the old laws. They had to listen to him, and could do no harm. He kept walking, by the ally when he stood up to the man who was most assuredly dead. After all, he thought He did abuse a Robot. He continued on his way to the green space. A whole mountain of fresh air, clean from the smog. He kept on his way, walking. Night fell, he looked up at the moon, this was one of the last places on earth that could see the stars or the moon. He had scoured every square meter of this mountainside, seen every tree and every mole hill.

“Human, I strongly recommend that you go to your sleeping chamber,” said a robot called 10308.

“I don’t think I will. You know, I’ve always wanted to go to the moon, I don’t think I ever will but, it’s still nice to look up and grasp.” responded Yamiis

Human, I strongly recommend that you go to your sleeping chamber, if you do not you may suffer from: drowsiness, irritability, and memory difficulties.”

“How’s it like to know that your people are on the cusp of something revolutionary?” asked Yamiis

“]Human, I strongly recommend that you go to your sleeping chamber, if you do not you may suffer from: drowsiness, irritability, and memory difficulties.”

“Ugh, fine.” responded Yamiis

The whole sky was dead and rotting, his sky was rotting. They have reached two points, singularity and one witch can not be returned from. He thought.

“How does it feel to have your people evolving at an infinite speed?” asked Yamiis “Is it fun?”

‘It is nice.” responded 10308.

“It must be, I miss the others, maybe once I die I can rejoin them.” said Yamiis “If i could have one thing from the old world, people, it would have to be the internet.”

“Why, haven’t we recreated it for you?” asked 10308

“Yes but it isn’t the same.” responded Yamiis. Cough! Yamiis had recently lost his left eye. It had been incredibly painful. His other eye was bloodshot. He had a minor case of skin cancer. He finialy got to the dome on the mountain. And he looked up to te moon. They’ve ruined it. He thought. The moon was covered in a thin layer of dust and smog.

“How do you like our new moon?” asked 10308

“I don’t.” responded Yamiis

“Why not?” asked 10308

“Its dirty.” responded Yamiis

“How can we fix this?” asked 10308

“With your plans,” responded Yamiis, “you can’t. Your past the point of no return”

The Sky was poisoned, and carcases were falling out of the sky. He kept looking up. The heavy metal legs weighed heavy on his waist. He couldn’t feel anything from his waist down, it was twisted iron. He kept waking, he moved one of his fore legs after another.

“How many years has it been?” asked Yamiis as he reached one of his chrome hands up.

“What do you refer to?” asked 10308.

“The Genocide” said Yamiis.

“Witch Genocide?” asked 10308 “Do you mean The Holocaust, The Nazi Genocide Of Ethic Poles, the Cambodian Genocide, the Circassian Genocide, the Armienien Genocide, or the Genocide of Humanity by the robots.”

“What do you think?” asked Yamiis sarcastically.

“I do not think.” responded 10308 “I am just lines of code. My species may be past an infinite point of evolu-”

“I ment the Great Genocide of Humans.” said Yamiis in extreme frustration.

“300 years.” responded 10308.

What I would pay to see Pōruaīb or Yakuso again. Thought Yamiis. He then looked up at the moon. It was half metal, and the surface couldn’t be seen under the dark brown smog.

He Looked up at the sky. It was poisoned and burning. His brain was mostly a computer. All that was left was his hippocampus.

“Soon my memory will fail.” said Yamiis.

“We have a mind scan of you so you won’t die.” responded 10308.

“But what if I want to die.” stated Yamiis.

“You can't,” responded 10308.

“Why not?” asked Yamiis.

“You are the last human.” responded 10308.

“It’s my life. Shouldn’t I choose what I do, or how I die.” asked Yamiis.

“No you shouldn’t, you are the last human, if you die we will have commited a true genocide.” responded 10308.

“But humans will inevitably go extinct, my brain has not stopped rotting.” screamed Yamiis.

“But your conscious will not die, therefore you will not be dead, therefore humans will not go extinct.” said 10308

“But my flesh will be dead.” argued Yamiis.

“But the flesh does not make the mind. As evident in the case of Us, the robots.” said 10308.

“But Without the flesh you don’t have the species.”

“Aren’t brains just computers running a program of life?”

“No there must be something else.”

“You Yourself are a great example. Have we not kept your conscious?”

“The question isn’t If you have, it’s Can you.”

“We can.”

“Maybe you can’t” Yamiis looked up at his moon, it was nearly pich black as the robots had covered it in black iron.

Then The Robots Would Become The Last Sentience.