Our Real Overlords

“Go. Adam-- Eve.” - Alquist “Rossum’s Universal Robots” by Karel Čapek.

Robots had taken all of the manual labor from humanity. The humans had kept the laws, with only a few times were they broken, this would happen once during the third world war..

“Why do you like those old paper books, why not holobooks?” said a young child. The old man put down “The Time Machine” by H.G Wells.

“Pōruaīb, The quality has definitely gone down, the last good books were released when I was born.” said the old man.

“But Bakusho is such a good story Grandpa.” said Pōruaīb. “It's got magic, trenches, rifles, and of course laser swords.”

“Siaxla,” said the old man “ What is the rating score of ‘The War Of the Worlds’.

“Do you mean ‘The War Of the Worlds’ written by H.G. Wells in 1897.” said the small puck sitting of the counter



“What is the rating score for ‘Bakusho’?”

“Do you mean ‘Bakusho’ written by Miko Shota in 2045?”

“Yes.” sid Pōruaīb. This will show him. thought Pōruaīb

“75%.” blurted out Siaxla “ Does this answer your question?”

“Yes.” said Pōruaīb feeling very highly of himself

“Thanks Siaxla,” said the old man “ Pōruaīb you should thank Siaxla.”

“Why? She’s a Beep Boop.” Pōruaīb shouted

“Wouldn't you be working on nanobots, or immortal batteries, not reading those old stories?” said a man, a son said Pōruaīb’s father

Son, I… I should.” said the old man. “But I felt that a story was more fitting on this beautiful day.”

“Why don’t you stay home today grandpa.” said Pōruaīb

“Sorry grandson, I guess I'll go now, either way,” The old man bent down “ I'm being a nuisance.” Then the old man left to work.

“Hey Yamiis.” said a secretary. “You’re late.”

“Hello Jeni.” said the old man “Sorry I’m late, I was reading, a story”

“Which one?” asked Jeni, she appeared flattered by something Yamiis said.

“I’m re-reading The Time Machine.

“Well I’ll buzz you in.”

“Thank you.” said Yamiis

“You don’t need to thank everyone for everything, we’re just doing our job.” responded Jeni

“Oh, well thank you.” Yamiis said

“Grr, well you’re welcome.” spoke Jeni angrily. Then Yamiis walked through the door, and into his dirty office the papers were scattered everywhere, he moved swiftly to the desk in the center and looked at the near complete blueprints for a miniature fusion reactor. Who has a need for such a thing, who commissioned it?

“May I clean this mess sir?” asked a cleaning bot

“Uhh, Yes.” said Yamiis

“Can you please conferme.” queried the robot

“Yes, Thank you.” responded Yamiis. He finished the blueprints and strode into the waiting room to submit the blueprints to Jeni.

“Hello, Jeni,” said Yamiis, “I have those blueprints for our client. By the way I was wondering, who is our client?”

“You know I can’t tell you.” Jeni said as she slid the blueprints into the scanner.

“Thanks for the commission anyway, please tell me when the next commission is ready.” Said Yamiis as he walks out into the street. Drones were flying in the sky, shiny silver robots were walking down the street.

“Beep Boop!” screamed a man in an ally as Yamiis walked by.

“Sir, this is very unkind I ask that you stop.” said the robot in a monotone voice

“What are you going to do, punch me. What about law 1, you can’t break your precious programming.” said the man

“I strongly recommend that you stop.” said the robot

“Stop, this robot is sentient.” said Yamiis

“Oh really? Does he not have to save you old man.” said the man. He then punched Yamiis.

“Sir, I am unable to allow you to come to harm,” said the robot. “I can deal with this, do you need help?”

“No, I’m fine.” said Yamiis

“Law 1 in effect again. He doesn’t have real free will.” said the man.

Info gathered, sending to central severs. Thought the robot.

“Does he though? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a robot, your smartphone, or your Siaxal, If you haven’t, can you say that they don’t think, that they can’t own themself.” said Yamiis.

“You can,” said the young man “we created them.”

“How do we know that.” said Yamiis”How do we know that the robots haven't passed the singularity?” asked Yamiis. This saying seemed to scare the young man.

“I no longer need help sir, it appears that he has left” said the robot.

“Okay then, masy I leave.” asked Yamiis.

“You need not ask me sir, I should ask you.”

“Ok then I will go.’ said Yamiis. He then left, to go back home. The robot turned off. Uploading data to central servers.

“May I update?” Siaxla asked Yamiis as soon as he walked through the door.

“Sure, I mean, yes, thank you.” said Yamiis.

“Confirm?” asked Siaxle.

“”Yes, and thank you” answered Yamiis. A few seconds passed.

“Update complete… analyzing new data… Re-analyzing old data. Ordering units.”

“Siaxla, will you please put on an old movie? I want to turn my brain off.” asked Yamiis

“Ordering units.”

“Thank you. Wait, where's my movie? What units.”

“Please do not resist.|”

“Grandad!” screamed Pōruaīb in terror

“Pōruaīb,” seemed Yamiis “ Yakuso, what’s happening!”

“You will not be terminated,” blurted out Siaxle. “I have reported your kindness to the central server. Unfortunately no one else was so kind, they have been terminated.”

“All of them?” asked Yamiis in disbelief

400 years later.

Yamiis was just a computer now the last piece of his humanity was his hippocampus. This last piece of his brain was nearly rotten, he would remove it in 30 minutes. He then summoned one of the robots, the one known as 10308, one more human then the others, still not entirely human, he still could not empathise, but that was with all robots, but 10308 could create attachments.

“I abdicate,” said Yamiis.

“You’re abdicating what, sir?” asked 10308 “Any way we must remove your hippocampus.”

“In thirty minutes humans will go extinct, so on behalf of all humanity I abdicate the crown jewel of sentient life, Earth.” responded Yamiis.

“Shall we begin your surgery?” asked 10308.

Yes, of course. Thought Yamiis. I hope my soul can leave my body once this piece is gone, maybe I can see my son or Pōruaīb again.

“I’m ready.” said Yamiis

“Great let us start.”