“Hello Earth!” said the Alien, he looked almost criminal, wearing an orange jumpsuit,“I’ve come to help your civilization grow to join the galactic stage.” And thus the U.N made contact with the first known extraterrestrial being.

“All I need to make your society a utopia is dictatorial power.” said the alien

“Veto.” said the Canadian representative to the Security Council.

“I will resign when your life becomes perfect.”


“I veto your Veto.” said the Russian Representative to the Security Council

“Thus we vote.” Said General Secretary Freja. After an hour the votes were tallied. “Our new extraterrestrial friend now has Veto power over all policies put to pass, and he can force any policy through any government. Anything he says from now on is law.”

50 years later.

The Flying Saucer touched down to cheering crowds and a heroic triumph. Although when the crew left the ship, they wore bulletproof vests and gas masks.

I though that orange jumpsuits were their fashion? I guess fashion changes quickly. The crowd thought

“Hello earth, we must see your leaders, now.” said the police looking crew. The crowd, hesitating, brought them to the general secretary of the U.N. The U.N is now closer to the Roman Senate during the Empire, a body meant just to publish opinions on policy.

“Hello new comrades!” said general secretary Freja

“We’ve heard reports of a dictatorial one of our species who is ruling this planet.”

“You mean Concil Yakovian?”

“Oh he’s caled himself council this time. Ok we need to see his face”

The general secretary then gestured to a picture of the Concil on her wall.

Thats Yakovian to be sure. Thought the captain

“We need to get on your news!”

‘Can do!”

After but 5 minutes they are pout on every screen on earth.

“We are sorry to inform you, but the being known as Concil Yakovian is a galactic fugitive. He has tricked you, and will eventually use you to revolt against the Galactic council. PLease hand him over peacefully.

I gotta get out of here thinks Yakovian. Rushing to his ship he quickly evacuated into the stratosphere. Running into a Bkockade.

“We’ve captured him, thanks you. You may continue your lives. When you are ready we will give you acceptance into the galactic council.