The Motiverse

“So we’ve put together something that I think is really going to give you a feeling for what this future could be like. We believe the motiverse will be the successor to the mobile internet. We’ll be able to feel present like we’re right there with people no matter how far apart we actually are. We’ll be able to express ourselves in new, joyful, completely immersive ways and that’s to unlock a lot of amazing new experiences. When I send my parents a video of my kids, they’re going to feel like they’re right in the moment with us not peering through a little window.”

  • Mark Xukerburg, Motiverse announcement event.

He woke up, the headset, only a few centimeters wide, was on as soon as he was awake. Very few people weren’t on Motiverse all day. It was the fabric of society. If you weren't on it, you couldn’t learn, you couldn’t interact with others (seeing as apartments made after 2033 only had a hatch in the ceiling for air and food deliveries to come in, and for the occasional mating partner to enter), you couldn’t even eat without Motiverse’s taste, texture, and appearance enhancers.

“Good morning Mr. Smith.” Said a loud female computer voice,

“Thank you M, when will my coffee arrive?” he said in the vice of a teenager

“It is here!” M said with excitement. The Motiverse visor made the coffee look perfect, when in reality, it was a plain gray liquid, tasting of puke and feces mixed together, but with the power of the headset, it could be made to taste like his favorite coffee. But today he wanted something different. Today, instead of his regular double mocha almond milk latte, he wanted an espresso, with caramel flavor. It knew this, as it knew everyone’s inner thoughts, so M came up with the flavor, scent, and even texture, impanting all of those things to make him taste this in perfect quantities.

“Your breakfast here, just as you dreamt of them!” Though many people, namely those who had formerly been among religious groups, found their ability to view and change your dreams, commonly used for advertisement, unnerving, he loved it.

“Put me in Neptune's orbit.”

“Are you playing as Ulysses_of_Cercle8?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Verifying cornea. Verified, you are now in Neptune's orbit.” He sat there, seeing a tapestry of beautiful lights, gleaming through the dark void of space. He sat there, waiting, he barely even cared that he was viewing something beautiful, just focused on the planet of what appeared to be snakes coming, they were really trains with shops on them.when it came spinning by, he stepped on. The stars he had previously been viewing vanished, replaced by a train,

“Ahh, Motiverse shop, what a nice break from the games.” he wandered through the one hall, seeing the new shops which had been selected for him by moti, the company behind Motiverse. He came upon a fancy sword for one of his favorite games.

“How much for the sword?” he asked the bot behind the counter in a raspy voice,

“500 Aether.”responded the bot “But for you, Ulysses_of_Cercle8, 490 Aether.”

“450 or bust.”

“450 it is.” replied the bot. He did a transfer.

He then reported to Work. He worked as an entertainer, someone to give the rich an escape from their lives, even though they had things, like more than a single room.

“Hey, you!” said the Leader of the colosseum to him “You’re up next, you’re going to be fighting another gladiator.”

“Ok.” responded Mr. Smith as he chose his weapons. He grabbed a vibro-sword, a plasma Shield, a gun, and a batch of grenades. He charged out upon the center of the colosseum. Swinging his vibro-sword wildly, it clashed with the shield of the other man. He grabbed his gun, shooting wildly at the other. Again it struck the shield. He then through a plasma grenade, it ate through the shield, and killed the other one. He then walked out of the colosseum.