Space Switzerland

“All major world governments had joined together under the U.N after the third world war, the one started by Russia, with the invasion of another slavic nation, you might have heard of it, used to be the second biggest nation in europe. All except for the Swiss, since by the law set out in the Treaty of Paris, the Treaty of Paris from 1815, not the one from, 1763, not 1783, not 1812, not 1814, not 1856, not 1898, not 1951. And when we ventured far out into the sea of space, we found three other empires, each ancient, and we took the Swiss strategy.”

  • From The Swiss Mercenaries a film by well known 25th century comedian, Hans Muller.

The council members walked up the mountain pass to Bern, they needed Swiss neutrality. Not for war, but they needed to imitate the Swiss. The three empires, the Hollenzorininans to the galactic East and North-East, the Decapétiens to the Galactic West and North-West, and the Konstantinou-vyzantinoí empire to the galactic South and South-East. So they either would war to gain space, or they would become fully netral. The other option was to side with one power and be killed by the others, Since they were in almost perpetual War with one another. Since each claimed a strip of space known as the Alsouoi-Lorenoi territory, left to the Konstantinou-vyzantinoí empire after the fall of the parent empire of all three empires.

By this time they had reached the Capitol building. The square flag of the Swiss flew above them, the only independent nation in this world. They had seen the flags of nations like France or Flanders, but those were just the sub dominions of the World State. They walked through the massive doors, into the council chambers.

“Hello Delegates from the World State, what have you come to ask us? Could it be strategy, definitely not resources?” said the Council member.

“As you may know, we’ve found ourselves in the center of three massive ancient alien empires.” One of the delegates said as they pulled out a holomap. “Our people have devised that we should become much like you have for the last 700 years.”

“Do you have any sort our defence around our few systems?”

“We have Dark matter south of the Alpha Centouri system, all the way to the Link 725 system, along with a few systems in that dark matter.”

“Colonize more in the Dark matter.”

“Why?” asked the Delegate

“The colonists will become great warriors, seeing as they must adapt to the Beasts in the dark matter. Then sell the mercenaries to the empires. They will write a treaty to ensure your independence.”

“Thank you sir.” responded the Delegates.