Galactic parlement

They sat in front of the Galactic Council. They had been chosen to represent Earth, these two Earth Men. They had explained to the Peace Council that earth had been attacked, and that they have a new weapon to the Galactic Community. Across from them sat a thousand delegates from a million worlds.

“We understand that you have recently come out of the Dark Forest.”

“Yes, and we now Prosper.” response the Earth Men

“We understand that you wish to join the Galactic Council.”


“But we do not accept un-unified planets, we can only allow you entrance if you can show us that your planet has culturally progressed to the level of unification.”

“Our people have unified under an organization known as the United Nations. It is much akin to this very galactic parlement.”

“So you are unified?”


“Once you join this parlement you will be given 12 votes per billion members of your civilization. Your species will also be given the title of protector of the galactic community. Is this good?”

“We accept all those terms, but we wish to be given but a few more star systems, preferably those surrounding our own solar system.”

“We cannot agree to those terms, as we don’t know whether there is life in those systems.”

“Then we will take our Warheads with us.” An Insectoid delegate chimed in, his voice like that of a con artist or a car dealer

“We, will give, seed, you the star, you know as, Alpha Centauri.” Another Delegate rored

“You do not have permission for it, you must ask the galactic trade committee”

“But this is not trade, also we have de facto control of Sector 3191.”

“We will call a vote.” screamed the delegate whom had been leading the negotiation up to this point. Instantly the results came in.

“We seed Sectors 3191, 3190, 3192, 2192, 2191, 2190, 4192, 4191, and 4190, with further territories being granted in the future.

‘We thank you all” and the Earth Men left.