Dense Prophet

“You’re not getting it. How can you be so dense.” I repeated to my ancient friend, I had divulged my powers to his family generations ago.

“What could that mean?” asked my friend with his century old lips.

“I have no clue.” said I using my baby lips, my current body was but three years old.

“Could this world be your prison?” he asked

“I would dought it, why would they give me such a perfect world, giving me unlimited power.”

“But you can never evolve.” said my friend as though he had just had a revelation “Your people have put you in this world to make you evolve as a person, to meet your people you must grow as a person and drop your occasional tyrannical lives.”

Then out of trust for this great friend of mine, I did so, although it still did not work, as I am still on this planet.

But after my many lives of averageness, I came upon a member of the family that my great friend belonged to.

“My average lives have not freed me from this prison, you great great great grandfather lied to me.” I repeated to the decedent.

“You are that man, the one who reincarnates?” she asked

“Yes.” I responded

“Shortly after you left my great great great grandfather’s epiphany reached its peak, he told my grandfather to tell all his descendants that once the man came around again, to tell him ‘I was wrong, you must not just be not a tyrant, but you must change this world for the better’”

“Thank you.” I told the decedent before becoming the greatest human ever, I caused peace and brought freedom, but once I passed I heard the Voice once again

“And now you’re doing the opposite of what you're supposed to, here’s a hint ‘Tyrannical Religion’ Ok got it now.” said the Voice. I spent an entire life thinking this over, but once I was born I became prophet of a new religion, it was very difficult to spread, since the Utopia I had previously made had freedom of religion. But it spread nonetheless. Once the number of my followers had become enough for me to be elected prime minister, I was elected. I came in with reforms to make my religion the unanimous religion of this world. The central belief of my religion was that I would be reincarnated for ever, and would be leader forever. After my life as prophet I heard the Voice again,

“Now you may leave, once we arrive that is. And we will assimilate your followers, you have perimed them.” it said.

And now I sit and ponder.