“In this world of streams and clouds, antiquated technology such as the ‘Flash Drive’ used by the ancients are banned by obcelecents. While many families still have Flash Drives, mainly ones passed down from their ancestors, they are hardly used, as few computers have flash drives. This is a ploy by the Mega Corporations to control the Proletariat. Our situation is the same as the situation in the United States before the second revolution.”

- Preface to the 100th edition of “Das Kommunistische Manifest” original by Karl Marx, Preface by Karl Durchdenwald.

He watched as his brother returned home from his long stay in space. He and his brother agreed to let him crash at his house until his next assignment. His brother had served aboard a UMSSRN ship. They lived on Mars in the capital of New Tyskland. Once it had been called New Berlin, but when the revolt came it was changed to fit with the lingua franca.

“Hello Comrade Smuk, how was your voyage?” He asked his brother

“It wasn’t that bad, the rations were terrible, how was college,” responded Smuk

“Not great, who knew that being a college student would be so hard. Anyway, did you see combat?”

“Once, it was in the asteroid belt, those Capitalist Pig Dogs attacked us. We were close to Jupiter, only about one AU away. Still in our part of the Solar System. A massive Fleet of them attacked us. My ship was the Flagship. So they attacked us first, trying to kill our captain.” Responded Smuk “We fended them off.”

“Anyway, Dinner is nearly done, I made mom’s recipe for pork tenderloin, and there's some russalat.” He said as he closed the door behind him. Smuk was five years his senior, so 25. He hadn’t seen his brother for two years. As Smuk entered, a small flash drive fell from his pocket.

What? Where did he get that? Could he be part of the Rusks, maybe working for the OWR? No that wouldn’t be him, Smuk would never do that. He decided to pick it up. Better safe than sorry.

“Hey man, what are you doing over by the door, let’s eat! I can’t wait to get some good food in my body, finally not some terrible army ration.” schouted Smuk.

A night of drinking and eating and relaxing later they both retired to bed. Feeling through his pocket for his Holotelefon, he felt the USB.

I should return this to him. But what’s on this, an account of the battle Smuk saw. Well I guess I should check it out. He put the USB in a drawer in his desk. Then he went to the Study contained in his house. Digging through the study at night was a pain, but eventually he succeeded in grabbing the USB adapter. Then he tiptoed to his room, he made less sound than one of the massive martian mice.

Plugging the USB into the socket, then the socket into his laptop, he found something terrible.

NO! It can’t be, he served the UMSSR, and the broader UIPSSR, he would help the OWR. I must report this to the Grand Soviet on Earth. If I do, they’ll take pity on him, right? No time for that now. With that he rushed to the train. The new Bullet Trains were fast, fast enough to bring him the 362 KM from New Tyskland to New New Carthage, the most major spaceport on Mars, in but a half hour.

Once he arrived at New New Carthage he immediately went to the docking bay that held his parent’s ship. He was an experienced Civilian Pilot, if by that you mean he had taken a single course on that in College. In fact no one had used this ship since his dad died three standard years ago. Once on the ship he sat in the pilot’s chair.

“This is ship 2022” he said into the microphone in the pilot headset “ requesting movement to air strip 7530.”

“Hey Comrade, sorry about your loss, guess you took up the old man’s hobby.” said the air traffic control officer

“Uhh Yep, definitely, I'm doing this since, I’ve always wanted to visit Earth” He responded

“Anyway your ticket is processed. Please secure all your personal Items inside the ship.” He then rushed around the ship, securing the items, he placed a lid atop a bin full of crumpled pieces of paper.

“Oh, before I forget, can I gain passage to the Gate.” He said.

“I already did that, once you said that you wanted to visit Earth I loaded a ticket onto your ship. You should have no problem travelling through the gate, safe travels.” The whole room that the sip was in then began moving. It went about 1 KM before rising 1 more KM to get to the Airsrip. He sat back into the pilot’s chair. Racing down the 10 KM long script took just two seconds. His speed was speeding along at 5.03 KM per second. He was only able to withstand the G forces due to the adaptations for space travel.

About ten long minutes later he reached the Cothon. A massive Belt surrounding the red planet in between the orbits of Phobos and Demos. The sprawling metallic structure nearly blinded him with just the reflective surface, when you factor the electric lights it was another sun’s worth of brightness. Just past this he saw the Gate. The massive megastructure worked by using magnets to accelerate a ship made of steel to large fractions of the speed of light. Arriving there he noticed that at the centre of the Gate sat a Pale Blue Dot.

That is the home of our people. The land of Grand Soviet, the land Copenhagen. He thought. His ship zoomed off to Earth.

After an hour he was greeted by the gate of Earth. The Pale Blue Dot was so much larger, now most of his field of vision. He passed by the great Cothon of Earth. He came upon a sheet of meat in the North Sea, easily 100 KM wide. It was called New Tyre. The great space port of Earth.

“Ship 2022 requesting docking privileges at New Tyre.”

“Ship 2022 we hear you loud and clear, please proceed.” said air traffic control. As he landed the friction caused by the air made the bottom of his ship glow like fire. Then, as his ship’s reverse thrusters kicked in, he felt the ship slow down to a halt. The room his ship guided itself to was plain metallic grey.

With an urgency reserved for men possessed of purpose he rushed to the speed ship dock and boarded an airship. It flew him to the mighty city of Copenhagen in ten minutes. The DSSR was the most powerful Sviet on Earth. He dashed to the Palace of the Soviets to report his brother’s treachery.

“I need to see the Soviet, now” he said as he dashed past the secretary. In the adjoining room he was taken and checked for weapons, then he was allowed into their chameber. It was a metallic messs of spectating windows and politicians.

“Grand Soviet, I believe I hav found the OPW’s war plans on my brother Smuk Durchdenwald. Please Reveiw it. It is on this USB drive. A booming voice came engulfed the room.