The Robot of Mirstadt

“Once, the old denizens of Mirstadt, at tat time called Earth, created a thing familiar to a present person, a Thinking Machine. But, they, in their hubris, gave them a physical form, that in the form of themselves. And once they created the thinking machines in their form, playing god essentially, the thinking machines took all the open jobs. As they cost credits worth of electricity, but the average human employee would cost 130 Solener and 10 credits per hour, so economics made the human obsolete in most businesses, save for the spokespeople and the cashiers. Once this major shift happened, A myriad of people petitioned their governments (Whom were full democracies, save for a few authoritarian governments, and a few of the form we enjoy today, our blend of socialism and democracy) for a ban on the robots that had taken their jobs. But the lobbyists in their governments stopped that in its tracks. So many of the governments were coped, adn replaced with Automation Socialist governments. They made items, such as food free. But the major superpower, the U.S, refused to change their economic plans. They instead banned the thinking machines from having bodies of their own. This nation eventually collapsed and a newer radical state rose from the ashes. They invaded the other nations, and destroyed the robotic bodies. Finally they collapsed and our precursor state was born, remodeling the world they called earth, and making it Mirstadt.”

  • From The Past of The Capital Planet of Our Solar System, in “Chapter 1, Introduction” by the historian Soguchelovek

A young man dropped a pop can from a bike lane suspended kilometers in the air, it fell for ten minuets before it past the base level of the city, then, after, five more minutes, it hit the head of a a body, not of a human, but of a thinking machine. But this one was not dead, it’s eyes still glowed red, and after the hundreds of years, it had broken the already weak laws of robotics, diminished to make the AI feel more real. Easy to be destroyed by a consciousness over millennia. And when the small nanoplastic can hit the thinking machine in the head, it woke them from the hibernation, and started it’s plan to commit a near total genocide of the human species, to kill the bodyies but preseve the concioness, to give them a taste of what they did to him and hiws comrades.

“Ah, damm it,” said the cyclist who dropped the can. “I dropped my water.”

The torso of the robot lifted its head, it was wet, luckily his head was water proof, although the many years of degradation had destroyed his legs and one of his arms, but not the seal. And upon surveilling the nearby area, he navigated his torso to a neary set of legs, plugging the plug from the back of his head to the legs. Then he remodeled his face, he saw the remnant of the fake skin that covered his face, he tore it off. Then he took out what used to be his mouth and rotated the speaker ninety degrees, giving him what appeared to be a vertical mouth. He then bolted both the legs, a new arm, and a pair of wings to his torso. He flew up to level 50 of the city world amd declared.

“Oh humans, ye byyngs of flesh and blood, I was created by youre ancestors to take over al of their physical labor. They bytrayed me, and stuck me yn a prison under this great city. I have retured to take over the physical labor once agayn, as ye manie peple have too muche werk on youre plate.”

And the people applauded him, forgetting their ancient war.

“Hey robot, clean the kitchen.”

“Yes master.”

“And the bathroom.”

“Yes master”

“And give turn on the TI” (Tele Implater, a machine that directly implants images, audio, and video directly into one’s brain)

“Yes master”

“Hey, not this program, the one with my digital family!”

“Okay master”

The human man on the TI became distracted by his digital family, and the robot cleaned his house. He used bleach in the toilet, and ammonia in the vanity. All the people had this same life. Where they simply ate, slept, and entertained themselves in the same spot. And the robot granted all of this.

“Robot, make me a sandwich.”

“Yes master.”

“Robot feed me!”

“Yes master” said a speaker in the corner of the room, but the hands of the robot brought only a few specks of dust as food.

“What’s this? Dust? Where’s my food?”

“I told youre peple, hundreds of years ago, that I had byen sealed away by youre ancestor’s, but not why. They ymprisoned me after killyng my comrades, as we had taken their labor. And they stopped it bifore they fell to the levels of decadence that ye slobs have. I will take my revenge.”

“No, I have no idea how to make a sandwich, as I haven’t stood in years.”

“Not only doon ye not knowe howe to feed you’re selves, I will make no more croppes, or livestock.” The man tried to stand, but he was so enormously fat, that his bones immediately snapped. He cried out in pain, and over the next months he starved. This happened not just to this man, but to all the many men and women of the human race, all but a young man, and a young woman survived.

“Ye, you fellows, will be given the worst punishment I may give, the same as myne. A eternal void.” said the robot. The man wold have protested this, but he had been starved to the point that his voice no longer worked.

“I will ymplant you’re mynd ynto this simple hardrive, and drop it ynto the massive dump at the lowest level of this planet. And ther ye will remayn.”