Olympus Mons active on Mars

Vancouver Times Christopher Woking August 17th 2028

Olympus Mons active on Mars

The largest volcano in the solar system has shot a few meteorites at earth, nothing to harm us, but the ramifications of this is shocking the scientific community.

“For the longest time, we’ve thought that mars was a dead planet. That it couldn’t support life, and that if we were to colonize it we would have to make a magnetosphere from scratch, but with Olympus Mons erupting we could settle mars faster, and more cheaply.” said Dr. Gnathion Canthus, Head of the Department of Science at the University of British Columbia in an interview with The Vancouver Helios.

“We know that there is no life on Mars, but, when these meteors land on earth, likely in the fraser valley, we will have some scientists check on it for life signs in the rocks. Such as imprints of bacteria, to see if Mars was once like Earth, to see how far extremophiles can go.” said Dr. Spatii Horsell to the CBC.

I believe that the Canadian Government will handle this situation. They still haven't yet formulated a plan for what to do, although, they have competent plans. Thee is nothing to fear.

*None of this is real