The Ike's tale

I had made fast friends with a number of the other aliens on board the ship. It’s obscenely lucky that Grob, a sluggish alien with two squishy arms, happened to be carrying a deck of cards when he was abducted. We played with Hugron, a large arthropodal alien, akin to a crab, who had been on his way to the front lines of what seemed like his world's Great War, and Eloike, a small, child like alien, who, although his stature, was sharp as a tac. It had been an hour or so since the last story, our pidgin had become a creole, and  the loudspeaker shot up once again.

“And back from commercial break, the judges have deliberated, and, Barin, you’ve received a score of fifsy four out of nif. After this short break,” the loudspeaker abruptly paused, the sound of flipping papers could be heard, “The Ike will tell their story!” Those words came out triumphantly. 

A squidish alien shot up in terror. His expression, as much as to a human it would look like a smile, was clearly a terrified shock.

A few dozen minutes passed by. Whatever species this may be must really like their ads. The loudspeaker blared, 

“And now, back to the story!”

The ike had clearly decided on theirs, one of many tentacles, wrapped in a space suit, was tangled tightly around the others.

“First in the universe, there were two beings. The Intelligence god, Ik, and the god of unintelligence, Ki. They hovered in the eternal dark of the pre-universe void. Side by side with the devourer, Nok. When Ik and Ki would make something, no matter the thing, from worlds to the snow, it would fall into Nok and the devourer of worlds would eat it gleefully. 

Ik and Ki, after centuries of frustration and humiliation at the hands of Nok, decided one day to rid themselves of this beast. 

Ki tried first, with his great strength, he hurled a hydrothermal vent at Nok. It hit the beast in its eye, but was eaten. Next, Ik crafted from an unshaped metal and a stick, a spear, And threw it at Nok. The spear embedded itself in the beast’s konopo (Seemingly a part of Ike anatomy.) but it did not kill. 

Finally, both Ik and Ki worked together. Using the vent, they melted the metal, and mixed it with tin. Making the first Bronze in the universe. Then they bashed the edges of their blade with their claws. Keeping their blades sharp. They attached it to the stick, and Ki chucked it. It fell upon the beasts mouth, and killed it.

They repurposed the body. His eyes made the stars, his blood the water, his skin the universe, his bones the ice, his organs the planets, and his heart Nokkisik (Their name for Jupiter, it seems, based on an interview I did with him after the fact.). But Nok’s spirit escaped, orbiting his heart. The gods bound him, enraging Nok. They covered him in bronze and rock, covered that in water, and encased that in ice.

Nok’s rage broke the crust, heating water to beyond boiling. 

Seeing this, Ik in his wisdom made life. He crafted each species and gave them a gift. For the Inokolak, he gave them size. To the Yaxinkana, he have the fluid bodies, and to the Ike, he gave their brain the ability to think. 

The gods then retreated to the surface of nok, spawning from each themselves their varioations. Strenghth and weakness, cunning and force, space and time, each from one of the two. Thise spawning from Ki formed the kite clan, and thise from ik, the ikte clan. Through the ee sockets and mouth of the corpse of Nok, they peerinto our universe, makeing certain that no matter what, it doesn’t go to bad.”