101 Prompts!

I've found over the last while, that I've not been writing as much as I's like too, so, in an attempt to rekindle my love of writing, I've decided to write one hundred and one short stories, one per day. I googled "Sci-Fi writing Prompts" and clicked on the first result. I plan to write each of these prompts, but some seem incredibly similar to the ones preceding them and or the ones after them, ninety six and ninety seven are almost identical, in scenarios like that, I might find another prompt to use instead.

The plan is to write flash fiction for each of these. No prewriting, and only one, maybe two, hours. Normally they'll fall between 500-2000 words. So don't expect some philosophical deep dive. Also, since I'm putting out one per day, it's basically I write it, et it sit overnight, read over it (To make sure I don't die of cringe), and then post.

The website with the prompts: https://screencraft.org/blog/101-epic-sci-fi-story-prompts/