Short Stories

Ark One: Prologue (click here for a links of stories to read)

Rust Red Banner - By Callum Ross - November 2020, read 1st

Blood red - By Callum Ross - January 27 2021, read 2nd

The Corpse - By Callum Ross - February 4 2021, read 3erd

The Arrowheads - By Callum Ross - February 4 2021, read 4th

Glossary of Words

Geans: The main human culture on old earth. these cyborgs and religious zealots worship the cult, the Alumni. See also, pretenders.

Pretenders: A commonly levied insult to Geans, derived from the saying "Pretenders to the throne".

Europan: The dominant civilization in our galaxy, can also mean an individual of the Iqu race. See also Iqu.

Iqu: An endonym for europans.

QunoQuitan: Any type of Europan ship.

Yaxican: A species from proxima centaurie-b. See also Yaxi.

Yaxi: A spiciest term for Yaxican.

Givun Fruit: A watery fruit common on Europa. Considered a common snack for Iqu people, cooked Givun Fruit is a common side dish for Iqu. To humans it is a bitter toxic fruit that can be lethal.

Kn: Metal in the Rsso dialect.

Dai: Prophet or messiah in the Rsso dialect.

R: A commonly observed bad omen on Rsso controlled planets, can mean dark or evil.

Coishq: Crusade in the Rsso dialect of human.