Short Stories

Hello I intend to have ether a poem or short story out every Friday, although with the added homework of High School, I will commonly have them out on the following Saturday or Sunday. With a full length short story out the last Friday of every month. Unless said month ends on a Wednesday or Thursday, then I'll release one the Friday of that week.

Type One

Blitz of Europa

Rust Red Banner - By Callum Ross - November 2020, read 1st

Blood Red - By Callum Ross - January 27 2021, read 2nd

The Corpse - By Callum Ross - February 4 2021, read 3erd

The Arrowheads - By Callum Ross - February 4 2021, read 4th

Unginan Civil Wars

The Second Great Theif

Reforming The Ideals Of the Great Thief

The Great Redistributor

My Book

Ani Odesisu

Gean Aftermath

The Reformers


Foredem 1

Sci-Fi Poetry