The Island of the Helpful God

Sing, storyteller, Ashii’aath,of the meeting of the young goddess and the crew of the Meebeeongos on that faithful island that served as her prison.

I Aft that confrontation

They sailed onward

During the week-night and three day dusk

II And they arrived at the island

Home to that god

Who helps weary travellers

III The island that also serves as

His prison

That of god YwAshii’Ontth

IV And as e saw them on the horizon

He set up his underground port

And set the halls of how many underground rooms

V The many men arrived at the god’s port

And he received him

With open arms

VI And he moved they’re ship to the underground port

And he gave them the first of the day-feasts

And he sold them the supplies necessary

VII And he threw a banquet

With all the food a god can provide

And he said

VIII “O’ traveller Okune-ongosty

you and your many crewmen

Have travelled from far off lands

IX I can give you and your comrades

All the supplies you need

For a mere 3000 Aunshii

X If you give me 100, 000,000 Aunshii

I can give you the great elixir

Of immortality”

XI But Okune-ongosty

And his crew

Had a mere 200 Aunshii

XIIIBut though him and his crew

Had no such money

He replied

XIV “We can give you the price

For your supplies

At the end of the week-day

XV But we cannot afford the

Elixir of immortality

For we only have 3000 Aunshii”

XVI And they ate the food

And drank the wine

And they slept

XVII Near the end of the week-day

Okune-ongosty loaded the Aunshii they had

Into as many sacks as would hold 3000 Aunshii

XVIII And he blew air into the sacks

To make it appear

As though it was full of Aunshii

XIX And they loaded the supplies

Onto the ship

And they said there farewells

XX And the crew of the Meebeeongos

Set there slaves

And continued on their journey