His birth

Sing, Aashiiaath, of the birth of the traveller, Okune-ongosty.

1 First, the king of the land of Maksinfa wished for a child

As he had no heir

He would bed with his wife

And a child was conceived

2 The child was born by the sea

At the tail end of a rain

As once the child was of 3 years

His father was deposed*

3 The mother and child had retreated

Once they received the news

The went into hiding

And lived in a shed by a hidden lake in the mountains

4 The usurper king searched for the child

By the western most mountain of the kingdom

To the eastern shore

All but the hidden lake in the mountains

5 once the child reached the age of 18

He and his mother crossed the lake

An old woman asked for them to help her cross

They agreed and gained the favor of GaAngiinuuh

6 He moved to take the throne from his uncle

But as he entered the throne chamber

He remembered that if he killed his uncle

The great clan would not allow him into heaven

7 He drew his sword on the king

And the king promised

If the child could gather the white sand of Aun

He would relinquish the thrown.