A war had started immediately after creation, between the three first clans. The clans of QoAungineuuhhg-Pifauf (The clan of QoAungineuuhh, the holy son of Qo), GaAngineeuuhhg-Pifauf (The clan of GoAngineeuuhh, the holy daughter of Ga), and YwAsinfauuhhg-Pifauf (The clan of YwAsinfauuhh, the sword of the underworld). This war would take thousands of years, and would take the lives of thousands of mortals. During the war, QoAungineuuhhg-Pifauf and GaAngineeuuhhg-Pifauf were joined by a personal union, as QoAungineuuhh and GaAngineeuuhh were married. The name of this, now combined, clan named themselves QoGaPifuaf. They then through clan YwAsinfauuhhg-Pifauf into the underworld. Then after the first peace treaty, QoGaPifuaf then tasked YwAsinfauuhhg-Pifauf to rule the Underworld. After 100,000 cycles they would join clan QoGaPifuaf, and would create clan QoGaYwPifuaf.