First was the god of creation, Meboohh, and the beast of the void Hhobeem. When Meboohh would create anything Hhobeem would eat it, this angered Meboohh. So Meboohh made a spear, he then fell upon Hhobeem and slew him. He then used Hhobeen’s body to make all of the planets in the universe, Meboohh used some of his own flesh to make the other gods, Yw, god of death, Qo, god of life, and Ga, god of love and Un god of the sun. From pieces of each gods flesh , (1) others were made. (Although many of their names have been lost as this part of the text is broken in places) Then, the first son of Qo, QoAungineuuhh (2), the divine son of Qo, sacrificed some of his flesh to create people, and first daughter of Ga, GaAngineeuuhh (3), the divine daughter of Ga, breathed love and gender into the people. Then QoAunginauuhh, the holy son of Qo, made the other animals and plants out of his flesh. He then handed the task of preserving this life to Un.

  1. Other than Un.

  2. QoAungineuuhh is also sometimes referred to as Aungineuuhh, QoAungineuuhh is likely his formal name.

  3. GaAngineeuuhh is sometimes known as Anginaauhh, GaAngineeuuhh is likely her formal name.