Long after the unification of the three clans, the beast of the void will be resurrected, due to the fact that there has not been an exclusive ruler of the underworld* for millions of cycles. He only came back now since the former rulers had preserved his corpse with regular blood sacrifices, as they would drag unexpecting mortals to the underworld and sacrifice them. Now that he was awake, he would go back to his old habit of eating the universe. He started by eating all of the planets, and stars, and by extension all of life. The gods, taking offence from such a massacre in their domain, flew at Hhobeem although in their anger they forgot their weapons and were killed, and then promptly their corpses were eaten by Hhobeem. Then Meboohh, Qo, Ga, Yw, and Un flew at Hhobeem, but they had already sacrificed some of their flesh, so they were weakened. They too were killed and eaten by Hhobeem. But Hhobeem, who was accustomed to having this much power, desintagrated and killed all of the souls, and the universe was left as the shadow of Hhobeem’s corpse, and dark, cold, lifeless, void