The Ode to Godhood of the Second Great Thief

The Ode To Godhood of the Second Great Thief

“O’ the three great clans,

The sons of our great parents,

We must gather!

For the great one s coming

The w’ter thief

The successor to that fallen thief

For he inspired

The future people

To refit the life of the future people!”

The great QoAungineuuhhg exclaimed

The divine son of Qo

The king of the gods.

The gods set the table

With plates forged of divine metal

And cutlery of that same metal

And they cooked the best meals they had

Made with Aōthqu

To make him a god

And they brewed a wine

Of Aōthqu

And their divine grapes

And once he came,

He ate their food

And drank their wine

And he and his Ideology

Became mandated

By the divine

And he would live forever

For the fact that he

Accomplished the great.