Out of the void were born nine demons, the Yixifi. These demons were scared of the gods, so they hid in the shadows, those places that had no stars. Once the people’s belief began to trail off, once they believed in their gods less and less, the Yixifi attacked the great immortal gods. A war had started. Their war was fought on the planet of Rkasiar. Since the gods were weak, due to the Yaxica’s lack of fanaticism, they had to incorporate thousands of the ageless gods into their army. The war took the lives of many ageless gods, the seas of Rkasiar, the atmosphere of Rkasiar, and the lives of thousands of mortals. Xik’s first great harvest was the last great battle of this war. Said battle was fought between the great king, Yan, fought the Yixifi’s leader, Cato. where Yan sealed Cato away with a great blast of heat, as a side effect of the great blast of heat, the plants and most of the animals were killed, this planet was turned into a desert. Yean evolved his Yaxica so that they could live in this harsh world.

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