Frist was the Pure gods Yainean, the creator, Xiacica, the Destroyer, and Cashleo, the god of relationships, these gods are the only constants, the only pure gods. They each had three children, these were the immortal gods. The descendants of Yainean were Yan, Yaen, and Yak, the gods of knowledge, people, and the universe respectively. The descendants of Xiacica were Xin, Xien, and Xik, The gods of tools, Black Holes, and Death respectively. The descendents of Cashleo were Can, Caen, and Cak, the gods of Physics, Love, and Chemistry. The constants then stepped down as the rulers of the universe. The children of Yainean tried to take lead of the other gods, although not as a team. The other gods joined the teams of the children of Yainean. During this civil war Yaen created the people out of his flesh. The last battle of civil war ended in a coronation, the coronation of Yan being crowned king of the universe. Yaen then named his people “Yaxica” for each of the nine gods parents as to show their unity.