The Yixifi will one day break out of their prison in time, and they will seek revenge. The yixifi will and all of those heretics that had sided with them trained for trillions of years. As technology advanced the belief in the gods steadily went down. The thousands of mortal gods would side with the Yixifi, with the hope of overthrowing the now tyrannical immortal gods. There would be the final war, Xik’s final harvest, \The immortal gods after losing their army, would rejoin their parents. The pure ones. Then the pure ones would imprison the old universe in a bubble. They couldn’t fully imprison th old universe so the black holes would work as a one way gate. All souls would lose their memory. First was the pure ones, destined to repeat this cycle forever.

*This form of the myth was written by the philosopher Yaaniki, who had similar world view as the human poet Ovid