Shiwa's Great Ship

Years after the Great Dane, Shiwa Shiwathathaides Rsso, would be enlightened to his true purpose, to kill the evil king. He started by building his log cabin for the days it would take to build his ship. After building his cabin he smithed an axe out of local bog iron he found. This axe, Mojlnither, would fell hundreds of trees. The next day he went to the local forest and felled it all before noon. For the rest of the day he crafted an iron mast hinge and a mast pole. The next day he made the centerpiece of his mighty ship, on both the front and back of the boat. He then constructed a steam box. He used this box to bend the centerpiece into a curve. Next he began making planks out of the other trees, he steamed them. Next he took the other planks and formed them into the shell of a boat. He then overlapped the planks and had now created his langskib without nails. Next he gathered his Thanes. Over the night before the voyage he created twenty oars and twenty seats. Then he and his Thanes put up his mast and purchased a sail in town. They began to row his langskib to the capital. And he set sail; it would take him eighteen hours to get there. Now the great king maker, Shiwa Shiwathathaides Rsso, would make the great line that would lead to our prophet and our next king.