Shiwa's Duel

After the days long journey from the island to the capital of Dansmask Copenhu, the foundation layer and his great thanes went to the king's palace. The king was hosting the games of Thurs, where kings and athletes from the many surrounding kingdoms would gather to please one of their pagan gods. They challenged the king and his thanes to a duel, the king honoured said request as the other kings were there. Shiwa was paired with the king. Shiwa bet his family and those of his thanes on this deul, the king, pressured by the presence of the other kings, bet his crown on this deul. First the many thanes fought. The two kings tied their skates and stepped onto the ice. They both charged at each other with great speed. The staff of both the kings' axes collide. And shiwa tha overpowered the king. Shiwa turned before the other king, he struck him on the head and knocked him out. Shiwa then striped the armor off of the hing and decapitated him. He slipped the mask out of the dead kings helmet and put him in his own mask. He then killed all the followers of the old king, and the ones who tossed his mother into the sea. After this bloody revenge Shiwa ruled his kingdom for the rest of his life, his spirit would rise from his body once he died and would join his father in heaven.