Shiwa's Birth

Long before our savior Justine's birth, their was a beautiful lady know as Shiwatha. She had a prophecy attached to her. Her step uncle was the king of the land known as Dansmask, a sayer of their religion had once said that “The first daughter of your second wife’s son will over though you and will found a new religion, one that will lead to a pagan empire, amd will have a line of demonic kings.” This king took it awfully, he trapped his step daughter to stop his pagan gods from having a child with her. He would underestimate the great and only god Yawallha, who was madly in love with her. Now that she was pregnant t5he king would trap her in a box and throw her into the sea, since if he murdered her the gods would smite him. She would give birth in the box and this child wouldn’t see the sun until a fisherman would open the box, as they had washed up on the coste of an island in the kingdom, the isle of Samsø. This child would be known as the foundation layer, Shiwa.