Rsso Splitting Of The Gods Myth

After that Yawallha became furious. This was due to three perceived slights: the creation of many sources of heat and light, the creation of man, and the giving of fire, a source of heat and light to man. Yawallha gave the mission of banishing Shaitano to a prison in time, because Shaitano was unkillable. These minor gods were unsuccessful and they all died. Yawallha sent more minor gods in; they too died. Then in retaliation Shaitano declared open revolt. A massive war took place in the heavens. Millions were killed in the fighting. Each casualty on Yawallha’s side was left floating in the dark abyss forever. Each on Shaitano’s side was cast into the sky as a constellation. Although Shaitano was cast into his prison, stuck in his never ending prison on old Earth. As there are now dead people, Shaitano the lonely one became Shaitano the company of the dead. Shaitano was now waiting to break out as he had enough power, he would raise his infinite army of the dead.