Rsso Creation Myth

First was Yawallha the only constant, then he created by accident the great god of light, Shaitano. Then the first intentional thing was created Earth then he tasked the light god to create a source of light for the everlasting universe. Shaitano did so, although it was too much work to one source of heat and light for an eternal universe, so he created all of the stars for the sky. Then Yawallha created the other deities, along with the third of the hyper venerated gods, the god of the afterlife and reincarnation, Justineine. Shaitano feeling lonely created gods for each of his constellations, althought these new gods were often busy in the sky, so he created the people to keep him company. The great god of light then noticed that his people were starving so he created all of the other plants and animals along with the other sentient species of the galaxy. An as his final achievement he lit a small piece of wood on fire and gave it to his people saying only “Cook your foods above this and sacrifice you’re bones to me, for with them I make myself food and by that create the other animals. If you do this you will get great harvests and you and your descendants will live with me in eternal heaven in this paradise.” And the people agreed to Shaitano the lonely one's terms.