Rsso Apocalypse myth

Once the number of dead people becomes large enough to revolt, Shaitano with the hearts and minds of the dead will escape his prison in time. He will have the sympathies of the angels.They will join his rebellion. This will cause thousands of casualties for the mortals, the men will luckily side with Shaitano, the others will side with Yawallha. They will overthrow the dark god Yawallha. A small sphere will expand, killing every living being other than two humans who survived in an escape pod. Shaitano will slay Yawallha with the core of an unfinished star. Shaitano will take 9 steps after slaying Yawallha. Shaitano’s sons will take the core of the unfinished star. They will regroupe the remaining minor gods and angels and people. The new universe will be created using the souls of the dead that sided with Yawallha the torturer. The other dead will become spirits. The last two humans were freed from their escape pod. The new universe will lose all mortality, hunger, and other suffering.