Iqu "Splitting Of The Gods" Myth

Soon after creation, Iq started to grow a disdain for his sibling, Qi. So he devised a plan to get rid of him. He proposed a deal, they would each wrestle one of the two Power gods. Qi assuming that Iq ment the god of strength, Owankada, sa he agreed. Qi lost miserably to Owankda, who as the god of strength, removed all of Qi’s strength. Iq who was also the god of trickery, chose to fight the god of weakness, Adknawo. Adknawo taking a page from Owankda’s book, took all of the weakness from Iq. Qi was then cast into the center of the planet, the piece left there to torture the damed. Some gods thought this to be unfair, the joined Qi there names were: Ua, lord of all waters, Eq, the embodiment of heat, and Nuw, king among the dead. The Great Warden, Shwa, was tasked by Iq, incarnation of all knowledge, to keep the other gods in the core.