Iqu Creation Myth

First the god of Intelligence, Iq, and the god of Ignorance, Qi, created each other out of nothing but the void. Another being was already there, it's name was Bogalush. They immediately flew upon him felling the great beast with the first created item, the spear. Then they created the god of water, Ua, and the god of ice, Au, along with the god of Heat, Eq, and the god of cold, Qe. The they created the gods of Imprisonment an Freedom, Shwa, and Awhs. They then made the god of time, Wu, and the god of space, Uw. Iq, and Qi then. They then tasked Shwa and Awhs to create the world, they started the center of this planet, reusing the beasts body.

"This will be a place of torment." thought Shwa. Shwa then stole water from Ua, to give anything to exist in this area complete freedom. Seeing this, Awhs stole ice from Au to trap these potential life, in a crust of ice, so they will will have only limited freedom. As they were creating the world Iq and Qi created the gods of life, Wun, and the god of death, Nuw. Wun then created the Iqu, named after Iq. Each god gave them a gift, Wun gave them Life, Nuw gave them mortality, Shwa give the Iqu free thought, Awhs gave them the afterlife (So they could never have a Break from consciousness), Qe gave them hunger (This includes Ambition), Eq gave them satisfaction, Qi gave them emotion, Qi gave them stories, Wu gave them memories, and Uw gave them scares, or physical memory. The Iqu were then placed into the layer of water. The million year age of creation had not ended, but the disgusting age of division had begun.