Type One

By Callum Ross

Contributions by Duncan Ross


Check back here for updates to Callum Ross's epic book series.

Type One is a Sci-fi book that I am working on. It follows 5 characters Kndair, Vinkel, Nuoco, Elasq, and Ghlawg.

Read the first few short stories under the short story tab and leave a comment below. I appreciate your feedback as this will be one of my first novels! I am also working on a short novel with the working title of "From Paradise to Hell" witch I will not spoil here.

Hello I intend to have ether a poem or short story out every Friday, although with the added homework of High School, I will commonly have them out on the following Saturday or Sunday. With a full length short story out the last Friday of every month. Unless said month ends on a Wednesday or Thursday, then I'll release one the Friday of that week.

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